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We help businesses, to engage their clients with promotional products and lumpy mail campaigns, which are targeted specifically to their audience, for maximum impact.

We understand that every £ of your marketing budget is precious and needs to work hard.

You have probably received promotional products yourself.

You may have wondered why you have been given this particular promotional product. As you have no use for it and it doesn’t even seem to reflect the business, who have given it to you. sadly this happens all too often.

Which is why we help you to choose promotional products, which will resonate with their audience. we help you to look at your likely ROI (return on investment) or ROE (return on experience)

We are here to help

Whether you need some inspiration for an exhibition gift. Are looking for promotional products for a marketing campaign, or you would like to get in touch with those hard to reach people with lumpy mail. We can help.

We don't just care about promotional products. We care about helping you to get the most out of them and want to become your trusted go to business for promotional products and lumpy mail.

How Promotional Products Can help.

Getting your marketing message to stand out, if you are a small business is be difficult. It easily becomes lost in all of the noise that surrounds your audience.

According to research people process on average 1538 ads per day. So it is quite easy to see how clients and prospects can forget about your business and forget to buy from you. More likely because they forget to remember you, than meaning to forget you.

what we do

We help you to out perform your competition. Assisting you step by step to choose, promotional products that grab your ideal clients and prospects attention. Making them feel like you are talking directly to them, increasing their loyalty, and inspiring positive action.

Engaging senses

By engaging some of your audiences, 5 senses, you turn your marketing message into an experience. Highly targeted promotional products are the only advertising medium capable of doing this.

Printing your message on a tangible product, brings your message to life. Helping your audience to understand and remember your message, helps them to build trust, makes your message memorable and allows your audience to get in touch when they need you. Ensuring you get a great return on your promotional product investment.

Why are emotions important?

People are emotional creatures and most buying decisions are emotionally based, backed up by logic, not that many people will admit to it. By adding an emotion to your brand you will make it instantly more memorable.

This is easy to do by giving a gift with your logo on and bringing a smile to someones face. As long as the gift is good quality gift and useful, as this is something you are adding your brand too. adding your brand to a poor quality product is never a good idea.

Now promotional products are fabulous, but they work best as part of a campaign. So try make sure you follow up with either a call or an email to make the very best of them. 


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How It Works

1. Talk through ideas with you for promotional products which will resonate with your target audience.

2. When you have made your decision - Provide you with artwork proofs, to show how your design will look.

3. Your design is approved - we will create your!

4. We will let you know when your order is being dispatched and delivered.

5. Your order has been delivered - We will get in touch to check that everything is okay.


Ethically Sourced Promotional Products

We have a large range of environmentally responsible and ethically sourced promotional products are one of the most comprehensive in the UK. The range is produced from recycled, biodegradable, sustainable, organic or Fair trade materials which have certificates and accreditation's.

For those special promotional items that anyone is considering for a business, we can wholeheartedly recommend Rebecca. Rebecca took the time to understand our business and came up with ideas that our clients love. She is patient and always puts our needs first. Now, our clients enjoy the benefit of Travel (Goodie) Bags which include items such as a branded tin of mints, eye mask, hand wipes and tissues, which we provide on any journey over an hour long, and we also give a branded mug on occasions when the opportunity presents itself. We also include a branded packet of tea bags for our mail campaigns etc. There any many ideas that Rebecca has that would be suitable for a wide range of businesses. Gifts Two Give are worth looking at!
Dave Barnes - DB Executive

Why Gifts Two Give for promotional products? 


 I am Rebecca Harrison, I have working in the promotional products industry for 10 years. When I set up Gifts Two Give, I wanted to help people to see the value of promotional products.

That they are not just something you give away because everyone else is. If you want them to make a difference to your business, that is.

A poor quality branded pen on a trade stand that is picked up by a stranger, as they pass by is unlikely to bring you any business.

Quality not quantity

However, a carefully chosen, quality branded pen (which does not need cost a fortune) that you give to a prospect, that you have had a good conversation with. That you will follow up with after is something quite different. As it is targeted and measurable.

so Why Gifts Two Give, not Gifts to Give?

As well as helping businesses to make their campaigns flourish and their businesses grow, I wanted to do a little bit more to help people, who are having a tough time. So we give 10% of net profits to charity.

The charity we have chosen is Young Minds and they help children and young people with their mental health and well being. This is why we use two instead of to - as the gifts give twice, not because we can't spell. We also source as many products as possible from sustainably and ethically sources, to look after the planet and the people who produce them as well. 

We were looking to purchase some branded mugs to give as gifts, to our clients and prospective clients. Rebecca understood our requirements and the end product was perfect. Would highly recommend!

Fraser Evans - Jackie Kerr Recruitment
Really helped me out for some suitable branded corporate gifts for my company. Great service, ethical products and a fabulous price. Recommended.

Nicola Ravensford - Ravensford Consultancy Ltd
Rebecca supplied me with some gorgeous little branded gift bags with Lindt chocolates in them. They were exactly what I was looking for and the service that Rebecca provided was excellent, it really took the hassle out of finding something myself!

Carrie Jones - Get Ahead VA