Are You Struggling To Fill Your Events Or Conference?

Planning an event or conference can be expensive and nerve-racking.

I was talking with a client the other day who has held events in the past that we have supplied promotional products for, but they have struggled to create a buzz and to fill the events.

Filling events and conferences is something many people struggle with, especially if the event is free.

Growing Customer Relationships

The way businesses gain customers has changed a lot over time. It has gone from placing ads in the newspaper, on TV and in magazines to being able to market through social media, email and even businesses having their own channels on YouTube.

However, while there are plenty of ways to market, it is sometimes tricky and time-consuming to keep up with it all. To know precisely where those ideal clients are hanging out.

Five Ways To Stay In Front Of Your Audience With Promotional Products

The whole purpose of marketing is to educate your audience and stay memorable until they are ready to buy from you.

If you think back, you probably still remember brands and their messages from many years ago. All because they were in front of you many times, and they had a compelling message. For instance, Minstrels - The chocolate that melts in your mouth, not in your hand. A campaign from Galaxy that saved children’s stick fingers and made Minstrels unique chocolate treat.

Increasing the number of times your brand and message is seen is vitally important. As any message needs to be seen many times to cement in your clients and prospects minds.

What Can Promotional Products Do For Your Business?

You want to grow your business, but find it hard to say memorable to clients and prospects.

Sound familiar?

We are surrounded by so much information, which can make it difficult to digest. Also makes it hard for you to get your message to your clients and prospects without them getting lost amongst the rest.

The power of promotional products with your marketing campaign. This could be as a client gift for loyal clients, direct mail or for an exhibition gift.

Why Your Promotional Merchandise, Could Be Killing Your Exhibition Sales!

Going to exhibitions and trade shows can be expensive, but also really profitable if you go to the right one and make the most of the event.

Some people love them; some hate them.

However, whichever way you feel, everyone has a few moments to make an impression.

Either good or bad.

So, you dress smartly, pay attention, smile, have a few questions to start a conversation and of course have your promotional merchandise on the table, because that is just what everyone expects.

Why A Reusable Shopping Bag is Good for Business and the Environment.

How can the humble reusable shopping bag help a business?

Well, if you are looking to engage with prospects and clients?

If you are looking to grow your audience for now and the future?

The humble reusable shopping bag could definitely help you?

Jo’s promo teabags! - Guest Blog

I know what you’re all thinking.

Jo – why teabags for your latest promo merch?

Okay, okay, I’ll tell you.

Though my personality is probably enough of a gift to bestow on my clients and all those who work with me, I always think it’s nice to send people a little something every now and then to show them that I’m thinking about them, and to remind them that I’ve got a mortgage to pay if they fancy slinging some further work my way.

Why you shouldn’t stop marketing in the holidays!

The summer holidays are almost here!

Fingers crossed, there will be many long sun-filled summer days ahead of us. With laughter, relaxation, good food, maybe the odd drink or two and not too many thunder bugs!

This is the time when bizarrely many businesses stop marketing.

Using the excuse that everyone is on holiday.

Are You Doing The One Thing Or The Many?


They always seemed quite focused, whether it’s gathering food, biting people or building a nest in the middle of the lawn!

Which seems to be their current project in our garden.

I sat in the garden on Saturday enjoying the glorious sunshine and reading “The One Thing” by Gary Keller, (I would say it is well worth a read, if you haven’t already read it).

Simple Ways to Engage Your Audience

Having an engaged audience is vital to the consistent growth of any business.

As, the quickest type of business growth, usually comes from both existing and new clients.

However, 68% of business is lost due to indifference. This is where one business seems much the same as another, so the customer finds no reasons to differentiate or to show any loyalty.

How Are You Creating Touch Points?

It is often said we all like to buy but no one likes to be sold to.

However, sales make the world go around, so I think it all depends more on how you are being sold too. No one likes the sales pitch on LinkedIn when you have just connected or the salesperson who just doesn’t listen but knows that you need their products or service.

How to use events to market your business

Using Events throughout the year such as Easter to market a business is something that is underutilised, but can have a massive impact if used thoughtfully.

There are around 12 weeks left until the summer holidays. When everyone seems to go on holiday and those who are left are enjoying the sun too much, to buy anything apart from sunscreen and ice creams, or raincoats if we have a typical British summer.

Therefore, unless you are in the ice cream business, now is time to push your marketing, if you want to make the most of the next 12 weeks and grow your business.

10 Reasons To Use Promotional Mint Tins to Promote your Business

Promotional mints tins, are a promotional product which can be used to promote many businesses. Due to their versatility and them being liked and used by most people.

Their hand size makes them perfect for pockets and bags. They have a bold branding area which covers the whole lid of the pot, leaving room for a logo and message to be displayed clearly.

8 Eco Friendly Products For Your Marketing Campaigns.

As the Eco-Friendly movement gains popularity customers have a far better appreciation for them and the demand for Eco-Friendly promotional products and practice more now than ever before.

Here is the Gifts Two Give list of 8 Eco-Friendly promotional products which will help you to play your part and help the environment in your next marketing campaign. Products provide value through their sustainability and the beauty of them is they are really easy to implement.

Are Promotional Pens Effective As Business Marketing Material?

One of the most important questions I am asked before clients purchase a promotional pen is, “How effective will it be for my marketing”.

Even though we are in the age of technology every desk in every office will always need a go-to pen. So here we are going to look into how effective promotional pens can be in your business marketing.

What Is The Evidence?