8 Marketing For Christmas

As the nights draw in, we are well into the last quarter of the of the year and Christmas will soon be upon us.

Some say that the run-up Christmas is not a good time as many businesses don’t want to buy anything. On the other hand, others make the most of it!

So, whatever type of business you are in you can make the most of Christmas and use it to increase touch points with clients and prospects and to help you to make a great start to 2019. As it costs 7 times more to attract a new client than it does to retain an existing one,

Can Focusing, Get Results?

I was listening to a clip from Michael Macintyre the other day. He was explaining how when you do not have children; you decide to leave the house to pick up your keys and go. However, all of this changes when you have children and leaving home becomes like a poorly run military operation.

It made me laugh and really resonated with me, as I have once been that person. It felt like someone else understood the pain I had been in and knew how it felt to be trying to herd cats. Something I have not done I must confess but seems like it would be a near impossible task.

Keeping Your Sales Funnel Moving?

Marketing your business is a important job but can seem daunting at times. You may be investing in things which are not certain to work or you cannot work out what the return on investment is lightly to be.

However, it is essential to keep prospects coming into your pipeline. Enabling you to work out who is worth pursuing and who is not. Allowing you to move them along towards making a purchase.

For those that have shown an interest and are worth pursuing, you have a great opportunity to grab their attention and move them towards being a client.

Who are you attracting with promotional products?

What is a new client worth to you?

This is one of the questions I asked an accountant I spoke to at a networking event last week. They had told me that promotional products don’t work for them. I asked them to explain what had happened for them to reach this conclusion?

It turns out they had, had a stand at an exhibition, done their homework and found out that 500 people were expected to attend the event.

They had £400 left in their budget, so decided to buy 500 pens to put out on the stand.

They were disappointed, as while lots of people seemed to come to collect the pens, which kept the stand busy. They hadn’t had many quality conversations or many leads.

Promotional Gift Bags

Promotional gift bag are fabulously exciting!

A beautiful bag with all kinds of hidden treasures, under the crunchy tissue paper. Creating excitement and intrigue, which will take you back to childhood memories of the lucky dip.

What will you find, as you delve deeply underneath the tissue? What are you secretly hoping for? 

Promotional gifts bags can be a fantastic tool for marketing a business. Creating an exciting experience of a brand. However, sometimes they fall a little flat and leave the audience deflated. 

Keep It Sweet With Promotional Sweets.

I often hear people say that they like the idea of promotional sweets but think they don’t stay around long enough to keep my brand and message memorable.

So are promotional sweets a good product?

If you look back over time many of your memories will be created about food. Like school ravioli that tasted like it had been filled with dog food (I haven’t eaten dog food, but I imagine it would taste bad) through to eating ravioli in Barcelona which created a fabulous memory.

Why Being Eco-friendly is Good For Business.

There have been a few changes this week!

We have stocked eco-friendly products since I started the business, but after a while have also started supplying products, which are not. This has been mainly due to not being able to source containers for the sweets, but it is something that has played on my mind quite a while.

Why Business Marketing Materials Matter.

In today's Fast-paced world of technology, it would be easy to wonder why you would need anything printed, for your business marketing, be it a pen, a leaflet or a bag. Technology is everywhere, from your phone, which is probably either in your pocket or in your hand, to fridges and gadgets in our homes.

However, just because we have technology doesn't mean we need to get rid of everything we used to have. 

So why is your business marketing material so important?

Is The Hotel California a Great Business Model?

Have you heard the song Hotel California by the Eagles?

It always reminds me of summer, as my partner, John,  lived out there for a few years and says it was always sunny. So that's how I imagine it. 

Anyway, there are many great lines in it, but my favourite has to be " You can check out but you can never leave". Which if you think about it, would make business a lot easier. But may not lead to great customer service! Or happy customers, because I think even the Hotel California would lose its charm after a while.

Do You Think, "What Is In It For Me" In Your Business Marketing?

Are you ever selfish? Do you do things for your own benefit?

I am sure you do. We all do, but if we look closely do we do it more than we think?

Take me for instance, tomorrow I am signing up to run the Swindon half marathon. Which is a fabulous charity and after many years of riding racehorses, something I have seen a few times?

So you may think it an unselfish act to run for them. But I have thought about my reasons and here they are:

Business Marketing and the Six Rules of Persuasion.

We are all looking for shortcuts now, as life becomes increasingly busy and we are bombarded with, so many choices.

People often rely on rules of thumb to make decisions quickly.

So, how can you use this to your advantage, in an ethical way for your business marketing? How can you influence people to make the decision, you would like them to make?

You can use the six rules of persuasion. Which has been proven to work in scientific studies?