10 Reasons To Use Promotional Mint Tins to Promote your Business

Promotional mints tins are a promotional product which can be used to promote many businesses. Due to their versatility and to them being liked and used by most people.

Their hand size makes them perfect for pockets and bags. They have a bold branding area which covers the whole lid of the pot, leaving room for a logo and message to be displayed clearly.

So, Why would you use Promotional Mint Tins?

Well, it can be difficult to stay at the forefront of your client’s minds, until they are ready to buy, but by helping your clients and prospects to become familiar with your brand and message. They are far more likely to remember you.

You may be thinking that mints have been around for a long time, which they have.

However, simple things often give the best solutions. Yes, they have been around for a long time but they are always well received and give great results.

10 Reasons To Use Promotional Mint Tins

1. Branding Area

In relation to the size of the product, mint tins have a large branding area. Making sure your brand stand out and will be noticed.

2. Perfect for Sharing

When the mints are shared it will give your brand even further reach. which gives your brand even further reach.

3. Frequently Used

Seeing a brand many times makes it far more memorable, which means your brand will stay at the forefront of your clients and prospects minds. This could be for using your services or for recommending you to others.

4. Marketing Gifts and Lumpy Mail

Due to their size, promotional mint tins make a perfect small gift or lump for lumpy mails campaigns. They create enough curiosity to ensure your mail is opened.

5. Mint Tins are Adaptable

They can be branded in catchy and imaginative ways to create interest or get your message to your audience. For example, mint tins branded as a cure for procrastination for a coach.

6. Mint Tins will Be Used Frequently

As the mints are useful they are likely to be kept and used. Which is a vital part of a well-targeted promotional product?

7. Perfect Way to Say Thank You

Mint tins are a simple and refreshing way to say thank you to clients, prospects, and employees, in a way that is great value for money.

8. Excellent for Giveaways.

Giving promotional mints tins away at exhibitions is a great idea, but can be very common practice, so having the kind of metal tin which stands out will make all of the difference. As they are cute and different from the normal mint cards.

9. Memorable

A great way to ensure your brand is remembered whilst providing your customer with a tasty treat!

10. A Handy Size

Due to their handy size, promotional mint tins are perfect for pockets and bags making them effective for meetings and networking events.

Promotional mint pots are a very cost-effective way to make a good impression and start to build a relationship with prospects for now and the future. By letting your imagination run away with you, they can be used to get the message from most businesses out to their clients and prospects. The pots are also 100% recyclable making them a promotional product which is also kind to the environment as well.

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