Wedding Favours

Well it has been a busy week here at Gifts Two Give and it looks like we are going to have some lovely sunshine over the weekend. So do not forget your sun cream!
We have been coming up with some new ideas for our wedding favours, which will be up on the website next week. Wedding favours were originally called bomboniere and were given many centuries ago by European Aristocrats. They were small boxes of porcelain, crystal or precious stones filled with sugar cubes or confectionary given to show gratitude and wealth to their guests. Sugar was very expensive at the time, but as the price of sugar fell the bombonieres became mainstream and popular at most weddings.
The sugar was then replaced with five almonds to represent fertility, longevity, wealth, health and happiness. The almonds then became sugared almonds. The sugared almond was said to resemble the bitter sweetness of married life, as you have the bitter almond covered in sweet sugar.
We now have lots of options for modern personalised wedding favours from chocolates, sugared almonds, sweets, candles and soaps, which are given as mementoes of the day.
So it is funny to see how over the centuries wedding favours have changed, but are still given by the bride and groom to say thank you for sharing their special day and are now also given as party favours.

Have a fantastic weekend and I hope you get to enjoy some sunshine:)