6  Promotional Products To Engage Customers and Promote Your Business

One of my most frequently asked questions is, what are your most popular promotional products. Whilst every company is different, there are 6 promotional products which are universally successful. They are especially good as they not only delight customers, but they also get your company brand in front of others.


These promotional products have many uses and as well as being used to engage existing customers and strengthen relationships, they can also be used to attract new prospects. This can be either from a direct mail campaign or a trade show.


Here are a few statistics to show you why you should be using promotional products:

  • The inclusion of a Promotional Product to a mail promotion increased the response rate by 50%
  • 73% of those who used the promotional product that they had received, stated that they used it at least once a week
  • 45.2% used it at least once a day. With a greater frequency of exposure, the cost per impression is lowered


1.       Pens and writing equipment

Pens are a promotional product, which never goes out of fashion. They are simple yet very effective and suitable for staff and customers alike. With a large choice to suit everyone and most budgets. Even though technology is all around us, people still enjoy writing things down. They are useful in all businesses and offices and very handy for people to use at trade shows, where your logo will be seen by many.


2.       Drinkware

Drink bottles and cups are especially popular at the moment after the recent publicity, regarding the amount of plastic waste and takeaway coffee cups, which are being created.


Water bottles

There are many different options for drink bottles from aluminium, stainless steel and plastic bottles are ideal for sports events, schools, gyms, employees and clients.


Ceramic mugs

Mugs are perfect for offices and professionals. Especially as many offices have a steady stream of teas and coffees throughout the day.


Takeaway Drink Cups

With the rise in takeaway coffee, there has also been a large rise in the popularity of reusable cups. Many people use them now, as people are becoming more conscious about the amount of rubbish we are creating. Also, many coffee houses are now giving a reduction in the price of each coffee, to people who bring their own cup. Which is a great way to get your brand out and about.


3.       Technology

Technology is all around and is a great way to keep promotional products up with current trends. Whether they are in the form of USB sticks, power banks, portable speaker and earphones. These products are ideal for those who are looking to spend a little more and to appeal to many people.


4.       Bags and Shoppers

Bags are not only practical but also re-useable. They can be used for many events and have a long life, so will also be used later. The perfect way to raise brand awareness. They are especially popular now as people are becoming more conscious of plastic bags waste. With most people now taking their own bags to do their weekly shop or to take their lunch to work.


5.       Sweets and confectionery

If you are looking for a product which evokes many of the senses, sweets and confectionary can certainly do this, from sight, touch, taste and smell. Sweets are a great way to make people smile and create memories. They come in many forms, from mini mints and jelly beans to retro sweets which you may remember from childhood.


6.       Notebooks

Notebooks are always greatly appreciated and can be a great conversation starter. They are used frequently and have great appeal, as they can be used in the office or when out and about, showing off your logo, as they go. They range hugely in style and quality, so are a great gift for workshops and trade shows as well as a high-end gift which can be leather bound and debossed.



All of these products have a few things in common. They are useful and some can even be used on a daily basis and people will be happy to receive them and use them. Which will make your brand more memorable. Whilst there are a huge range of promotional products out there, these products are suitable for a wide range of businesses and will always be popular.


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