6 Ways to Improve Your Small Business Marketing

The way in which businesses can market themselves has changed enormously in recent years and continued to evolve at quite a rate.

As marketing evolves, it is a good idea to look at the business marketing strategy and make a few changes every so often to make the most of the new opportunities available.

So, How Can You Improve Your Small Business


If you haven’t changed things for a while it may be a great time to do so. As part of the beauty of being a small business, is that things can change quickly to make the most of new opportunities. Many of the opportunities which are available are free, such as the social media channels.

1. Learn from Others Who Are Using Business


Have a look at what is working for others who have similar clients to you, or who are targeting the same clients as you, but for different things.

You can also look at what your competitors are using. As there may be options that a few are having success with, but not everyone is using. The same tactics may work for you, as you are both looking to attract the same type of client.

You can then test for a while and see what kind of results you get.


2. Testimonials From Clients

By collecting testimonials from clients who have already purchased from you, you can put potential client’s minds at rest. It is best if you have a short list of questions to ask them, about the quality of the service or goods. As this will give you the best type of referral. 

These can be displayed on your website, email signatures and social media channels.  

The testimonials can be added as part of your business marketing and will help to put new clients at ease, as they will have heard about the you from a third party. You could even turn these into case studies, if your clients are happy with that.


3. Keep Social Media Up To Date

Social media is a great way to keep clients and prospects updated with what is new with your business. By posting regularly, there will always be a reason for people to look. If there is never anything new to look at, people will soon lose interest and drift away.

Social media does take a little time, but the majority of it is free. So it can be a very cost-effective business marketing tool.


4.Build Your Network

Getting out and about to networking events can improve your business marketing, as it is a great way to build your network. There is a cost to going along, however, as you get to know people, they will also start to recommend your services. So, your group of contacts will grow, as time goes on.

Networking has worked really well for my business marketing and I often meet people who have a tin of mini mints which I give out. Still in their jacket pocket or handbag a month or so later. 


5. Become an Expert In Your Area

You can improve your small business marketing by positioning yourself as an expert. You can achieve this by through speaking at events, blogging, articles and white papers.

This medium will take a while, but you will be able to show your expertise and educate your audience at the same time. You will also have the information, which you can then pass on to prospects if they are relevant to the question they have asked.


6. Reconnect with Clients and Prospects

Reconnecting with clients is always a good idea. As they have bought from you in the past and are more lightly to buy from you in the future. By using promotional products for your business marketing, you can reconnect with clients and give them a gift with your details on. This will be a great way to reminder for them to get in touch when they need you.

We had a client who was looking to do this, to fill a training day. They sent out desktop gardens, with the strap-line, “Let's grow together.” They found that most of the people contacted them, to say thank you for the gift. They were then able to tell them about the new course and filled the places in record time.

It turned out to be a very cost effective way, for them to re engage with clients.

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