A Small Gift Which Could, Save You Time and Money!

So, it is your first day at a new job. You feel excited but nervous. You don’t know anyone or where anything is. You feeling like a spare part! To make matters worse you use a coffee cup which belongs to someone else, they are not amused.  The day whizzes in an unpleasant blur.  You will probably turn up tomorrow and hope things improve! I am sure most of us have been in this position at some point…. wishing for 17:00. Well, it can be better…

Creating Trust

As an employer, it is very costly to recruit or replace employees. With many hours spent looking at CV’s and interviews, as well as the cost of advertising the position. So, after all the expense and time taken, why not start to create trust with your new employee from day one. Make them feel welcome and valued, give them every reason to come in tomorrow. 


Part of the Team

So how about this… You arrive for your first day of your new job. You are welcomed, shown to your desk and given a small gift of company-branded items, which you will find useful in your new job and a little treat for your coffee break. You now feel wanted and part of the team. The day is off to a good start, there is still a lot to learn, but you have had a good start to your new position. You go home looking forward to tomorrow and learning more about your new role.

Which Day would you choose?


The Harvard business review shows in a low trust environment, the work rates are lower and costs are higher, as staff do not feel engaged. In high trust environments, employees feel engaged, their work rate goes up and costs come down. which is great for business and something that can begin from day one. A small gift of a coffee mug, a few personalised pens, a snack bar and a mouse mat, or screen cleaner, for example, is a great icebreaker and will make your employee feel special, you have thought about them and want to make them feel welcome. The impact of the gift and the feeling of belonging and trust created will far exceed the cost. As I hope you agree will make a great start to any first day……

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Promotional Gifts for Staff