Are Promotional Pens Effective As Business Marketing Material?

One of the most important questions I am asked before clients purchase a promotional pen is, “How effective will it be for my marketing”.

Even though we are in the age of technology every desk in every office will always need a go-to pen. So here we are going to look into how effective promotional pens can be in your business marketing.

What Is The Evidence?

The BPMA (British Promotional Merchandise Association) has conducted research into promotional products over the years, here are a few interesting points:

In a survey of 1244 business people, 89% of them reported having a promotional pen on their desk right now.

When asked if they could only keep one promotional product, a pen was the product of choice.

What Can You Expect From A Promotional Pen?

Promotional pens are excellent for increasing brand recognition and are likely to be seen regularly by the user and those around them. As they are seen frequently and are likely to be kept for a long time, they have a low cost per view, making them a great addition to your business marketing material.


Promotional pens can be branded with a logo and contact details or with an address to lead people to a landing page, which can be used to show your audience specific targeted information. Having contact details on the pen makes it far more likely that your audience will visit your website and unless you are a very well know brand, people may find it hard to find your details from just a logo. Making things as easy as possible by giving contact details will always increase the promotional pens effectiveness.


Having relevant places to give out the pens will also increase their effectiveness. This could be at a trade show, events, clients meetings, Workshops or as a gift with a purchase.


Promotional pens are effective promotional products. However, their effectiveness does depend on them appealing to the audience who will be receiving them. Making sure you know your target audience and what will appeal to them is important to their success. With such a wide range of options, there is a pen for every taste and event.

What Makes The Difference?

With 89% of people having a promotional pen on their desk, they are clearly effective for brand recognition. By making sure the promotional pen is good quality, appeals to your audience and is great to write with, you can ensure it will be your pen which is kept on the desk and not in the drawer. With clear branding and contact details, you can also increase the likelihood of your audience getting in touch with you. Which makes promotional pens not only a cost-effective option for your business marketing material but an essential.

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