Are You Doing The One Thing Or The Many?


They always seemed quite focused, whether it’s gathering food, biting people or building a nest in the middle of the lawn!

Which seems to be their current project in our garden.

I was sat in the garden on Saturday enjoying the glorious sunshine and reading “The One Thing” by Gary Keller, (I would say it is well worth a read if you haven’t already read it).

I had eaten an apple (trying to be healthy) and left the core on the grass. After a while, I noticed a small trail of ants coming from the small but growing mound in the lawn to my apple core and then going back again.

They all seemed totally focused, (as much as you can tell with an ant). No one was wondering off, getting side-tracked, or procrastinating about the job in hand of gathering apple pieces.

Maybe they have all read, The One Thing!

It got me thinking about the advice I had been given a few months ago.

Apparently, all of this being able to multitask stuff is a load of rubbish.

I just thought it was just me, but apparently, it is something all of us struggle with. Which is nice to know.

The advice I was given was to time block my diary.

So, that I could concentrate on the one thing, not the many.

So, for the last few months, I have been time blocking week. I have time blocks to write all of my content, to prospect, to schedule social media and so on.

If a meeting comes up, I can move the blocks but not separate it as this defeats the object of time blocking.

It has really helped me to work more effectively and stay focused. Which in turn has helped me to get more done!

Which is always good.

I have also been time blocking our own lumpy mail campaigns.

It has taken me a while to think how to do it but is actually really simple.

We send out about 20 letters for Gifts Two Give each week, but it was annoying me that I had to do the job each week, as each group of 20 letters are dated.

It just seemed to eat up a lot of time, for such a small job.

After a bit of thought, we now print all our letters at the start of the month, with the correct dates on. Put them in the envelopes and write the date that they need to be sent, where the stamp will go.

Then add a diary reminder to make sure it happens!

When we are ready to post them, all we need to do is cover the date with the stamp and send them off……Simples!

Time blocking has really helped me to focus my productivity and work smarter.

Do use time blocking? If so, how has it worked for you?

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