Are You Farming For The future?

Whether you are selling promotional products, holidays, your time or anything else, in fact, being in business can be tiring. Whilst I love what I do, there is the odd day, now and again, which just feels like it is a hard slog. You probably get the same feeling every now and again? Sometimes the reason for this is clear, other times not so.


There can be so many things to do, some of which, you probably didn’t even realise needed to be done, when you started out.


One thing that can seem relentless and never ending is the search for clients. It is also something that can cost a huge amount of money. There are two ways to go about it I think, you can either hunt your clients or you can farm them.


Now, it is human nature to seek out people like ourselves with the same values, aims and ideas. This also applies to the kind of businesses we are attracted to. You can help people to find you by sharing your story and telling them what is important to you because, the chances are, it will be important to them too.


So, how do you find clients? A mixture of hunting and farming would seem the best approach, as you get the best of both worlds. By this I mean you hunt out where your target market hangs out and take the time to farm those relationships for the future.


You can just hunt them out, but this then leads to you constantly having to find new clients. This is because the relationship has not been built properly and you stand a much higher chance of losing them as a customer. As you are not standing out and look just the same as all of your competitors.


So, the best way to start is by building your visibility with them, you will then have the opportunity to show them how credible you are, which should then lead to profitability. Which is far more lightly to last well into the future.


This is where you can use promotional products. To start to grow your relationship and then later to stay in front of your clients, even when you are not there. There are a huge range of promotional products to suit every type of client and business.


From USB sticks and power banks for those who love tech, to sweets and chocolates for those who need a little treat. You can even choose a travel mug to help those who have a takeaway coffee, to be a little greener.  There are promotional products to suit most people and businesses.


For those that are in the office a calendar, mug or coaster will allow your brand to be in front of them 8 hours per day, 5 days per week. Which if they are at work for 48 weeks of the year means the cost of a mug is about 10p per week, if they keep it for a year. Which is definitely a cost-effective way to delight and advertise to your client.


You see a present will always delight your client and give you the perfect reason to get in touch. To have the most impact make sure you target your ideal client, as this will make your campaign more effective. This is because the people you are targeting will have the needs you can ease. 


If you are thinking you would like to use good quality promotional products or if you have a few questions, just get in touch for a bit of advice.


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