Are You Hiding In Full View?

We have two local pubs near where I live. One is always busy and there are no houses nearby, the other is in the heart of the village and regularly looks like the Mary Celeste. The busy pub regularly tells people what they are doing and what amazing things you can have, if you go along. They advertise and engage regularly on social media and get as much publicity as they can. Each table is given a small gift with the pub's details on. This is to make sure they can easily get in touch, to book a table for next time as if they don’t book you won’t be eating. The other pub never advertises and I have no clue what they do. The only way to find them is to actually pass by and then go in and ask. They don't even display a menu! Most people, myself included find this just too much trouble. Surely if it was good, they would be proud tell people about it.


If people do not know you exist and what you do it is really impossible for them to buy from you. Even if they would have really liked your product or service. This may sound like it completely obvious, but it is something which many businesses seem to ignore to their own detriment. 


Many businesses open their doors, in the area I live in.  They just seem to pop up without warning and disappear with the same elusiveness. They seem to believe that if they build it people will come but sadly that is not the case. How can they come if they don't know where to find you!


Sadly, this is often only realised when it is too late and the money has run out. It doesn't matter how good your goods or services are if people don't know you exist or they cannot remember your name or number there is no way to get in touch to use your services.


Whilst people being aware of your existence does not guarantee it will lead to business it does give you the opportunity to do business with them. As if you can stay at the forefront of their mind the chances of them getting in touch with you are obviously a lot higher. You then at least give yourself the opportunity to engage with them and build a relationship.


There are many ways to do this through social media, email campaigns, blogs, articles and promotional products. Many of which are free to use. There is really no future in being the best kept secret, for most businesses. But by being proud of what you have to offer and letting people know about it, you will give yourself the best chance of being the 20% of businesses that do not fail in the first 18 months. Which has got to be worth a bit of extra effort.


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