Are You Keeping It Sweet?

Sweets have been around for years and were used as a promotional product as early as 1887, when the first sticks of lettered rock were sold. They are a great way to say thank you, congratulations, I love you or I’m sorry (you may need quite a few for this one) or I’ve been thinking about you. Look at the effort the milk tray man went to, all because the lady liked a chocolate!


Be Different!


We live in a very busy world where there are many things we see, but we cannot touch, like emails and social media messages. It can be easy for customers to scroll past your email or twitter message, amongst the 100 others they receive each day. You need to start to stand out, to shine bright! To be different! Only by engaging people with your brand and your message, will you start to stand out and be in the read now list, not added to the read later/never list.


Show That You Care!


So what better way to start that engagement and show your appreciation to your customers and prospects, than with promotional confectionery. With so many options from mints, to retro sweets and chocolates. You can be a real-life Willy Wonka bringing a smile to people’s faces (you choose the Gene Wilder or Johnny Depp version) and showing that you care. You may be thinking, but they disappear too quickly. They do disappear, but by the time they are gone, they have already done their job and made your brand more memorable. They are a bright fun way to boost your brand. With endless colours and flavours to choose from.


For The Quintessential British Summer.


So, whether it’s a strawberry and cream for the quintessential British summer, cherry lips for valentine’s day or a strawberry and prosecco sweets, to get you ready for Christmas. There will be something for everyone. So, people you have thought about them and that you care. Because everyone loves confectionery – chocolates, fun shapes, sweet and sour flavours – the possibilities are almost endless!


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