Keeping Your Sales Funnel Moving?

Marketing your business is a critical job but can seem daunting at times. You may be investing in things which are not guaranteed to work, or you cannot work out what the return on investment is likely to be.

However, it is essential to keep prospects coming into your sales funnel. Enabling you to work out who is worth pursuing and who is not. Allowing you to move them along towards making a purchase.

For those that have shown an interest and are worth pursuing, you have an excellent opportunity to grab their attention and move them towards being a client.

Even though they have shown interest in you, they are probably still looking at what your competitors have to offer.

If you separate yourself from your competitors at this point, by making a great impression and showing them that you know and understand them. You can give yourself the upper hand and the best chance of converting them. Which always makes life just that little bit easier.

By using giveaways at this point, you can show your prospects and clients you are different. Statistic show that a prospect is 83% more likely to buy from a business they have received a promotional product from, than those they have not.

So, what would be a thoughtful gift to give. Products which work well in our experience are ones which are useful and used by people frequently. These include a branded notebook, lip balms and branded travel mugs. Each one will be kept for an extended period of time and more than likely used frequently.

As they will be used frequently, your prospect or client will be reminded of your brand. Helping to keep you at the forefront of their mind until they are ready to buy.

We can also look at your ideal clients and help you to pick products which will appeal to them.

Marketing Your Sales Funnel

Marketing Your Sales Funnel