Are you Like Dorothy.....Just Wishing Upon A Star?

Wishing on a star may have been all well and good, once upon a time or Somewhere Over the Rainbow, but you need to have a plan, you can’t just leave things to chance…..


Saturday 13th January was "Make Your Dreams Come True Day" and with the average person dreaming every 90 minutes when asleep, there are a few around.


Dreams are all well and good, but to guarantee to get to the pot of gold, I think dreams need to be turned into something more substantial. You need goals and a plan on how you are going to get there and how to consistently move forward.


Even Dorothy and her friends had goals which helped them to keep going when things were tough.  Dorothy wanted to go home, the scarecrow wanted a brain, the tin man a heart and the lion, courage. Imagine if the film was remade now. Dorothy would be following an app on her phone to get directions to the Wizard of Oz. Depending on what she was scrolling through at the time she may have even missed the scarecrow, tin man and lion!


If you think about how much things have changed, especially in the last 10 years. We have gone from having a phone which you can text and call with, to having a mini computer in your pocket. We can be in one shop looking at prices in another. We can follow businesses online and find out about them.


This is why as far as your marketing is concerned you need to use different channels. It is estimated that you will have between 6-10 marketing touches with a prospect before they become a customer. If you must personally meet all your customers between 6-10 times, things will be moving a little slowly.


But by using more than one channel you will get to 6-10 in a shorter time. We no longer need or want sometimes to speak face to face with someone before we buy from them. We just need to trust them and for them to be able to solve our problems.


I know many businesses have not done this in the past and times have changed. This is too good an opportunity to miss out on. If you find it a little daunting, ask for help.


Here are a few suggestions you may want to try:

  • Publish and engage on social media. There are many to choose from, just pick the ones your potential customers are on.

  • Create content which will help people and share it, this can be a blog, a white paper or an e-book.

  • Show a genuine interest in people. You cannot expect people to be fascinated with you, if you do not show any interest in them. A relationship which will last is a two-way thing.

  • Speak at events. Many networking groups such as 4N have a speaking slot, so you can talk to over 20 people.

  • Send them a promotional product to keep your brand in front of them for a while. Gifts create emotions and emotions make things more memorable.

  • Use something like HARO (help a journalist out) to get publicity though having articles published.

Whichever options you choose you will need to be consistent and keep following up to make the most of it. There are many people to help with my suggestions, I may be able to help or if I can’t I will probably know someone I can, so just ask.


If you have any questions or you would like some help, just get in touch.

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