Are You Odds On...Or A Rank Outsider?

I used to work with racehorses. It seems like a lifetime away now.


Now training racehorses looks easy. They want to run fast and as long as they are fit and good enough. They should win. 


You have to take in their individual personalities. Some worry, some are boisterous, some don't want to go and some don't want to stop. So it's no good just having, a one size fits all training method. You need to either group them by ability and personality or, only buy the kind of horse which fits your training method. 


It's a bit like when you market to your customers really. You need to know who they are and stick with them or group them and have a different approach to each group.


Now I looked after a beautiful statuesque black horse. He was great to ride, very kind and lovely to look after. He didn't kick or bite like some of my other horses.


He had just one flaw. He could gallop really fast, but most days didn't fancy it and canter was the best he could muster. Which is not the best for a racehorse. This happened at home and at the races. He would just make his way round in his own time, knowing full well, he could catch up with the others if, he fancied it. Often after the race, the jockey would be in such as state, as he had put more effort into the race than the horse. Which is quite unusual. 


He did finish second at Brighton, but I think this was mainly due to the momentum of the downhill finish. But the more he was forced to be a racehorse, the more he would put his ears back and refuse to gallop. 


Now his owners didn't seem overly keen on him but were insistent that he should be a racehorse.  We knew this was never going to happen and that they should channel their energies into a horse, that was keen to do the job.


However, they decided to persist. Positive that he would change his mind and run like the wind at some point.


They wasted money on training fees, race entries and vets bills. When if they had just stopped and looked. They would have realised, he was just in the wrong job. 


It can be like this with customers. You need to find the right ones. It's no good trying to shoehorn someone into being a customer. As like the owner and the horse, it ends, with no one being happy. 


This is why this week I have taken a bit of time out, to refocus on our ideal customer. It is quite detailed and has given us the ability to look at things from another point of view. It will help and save money in the long run. 


When you have found your ideal customer, all you can do is engage with them. Get to know them, educate them about what you do, how you may be able to make their life easier and stay at the forefront of their minds. This is where promotional products come in. You can make sure you stay at the forefront of their mind, by having your logo and details on their desk. 


You cannot make them buy but, you can relax safe in the knowledge that, they know who you are and they are the right kind of customer for you. This gives you the best odds possible. Which is good, as you cannot always bet on a rank outsider.


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