Are You Standing Out?

Are you unique or are there many like you?

I am sure you do have many unique points, but do you tell people about them?

Do you have them on your website, on social media channels or do you tell people face to face?

I thought I did, but on reflection maybe there is more I should be saying. 

How about you? 

It is probably worth asking your clients. 

I tried it this week......

I chatted with a new client; they said that they had asked three businesses about promotional products, but Gifts Two Give was the only one who had followed up the enquiry. I was the only one who had sent samples of the products they enquired about.

They said that it really made Gifts Two Give stand out! I was chuffed. I had thought it was what everyone did.

It is easy to think people know why you are different, but it may be a good idea to ask them just in case. You may be surprised by the answer! 

There may be things which your competition won't do, that make you different? And if so you should definitely tell people about it. 

Which, really made me think about how we do stand out. I thought, they were just things that everyone did, as that is how you look after clients, but it seems I was wrong.

Tell people you are unique.

So, how can you tell people about your uniqueness?

You can add them to your website, tell people on social media, tell them at networking events. Add the details to your flyers, promotional products or leaflets the list goes on. There is really no reason for people not knowing, what makes you unique.  

Give it a try and let me know how you get on. 

Here is what made Gifts Two Give stand out:

  1. We send samples of the products, most are free of charge
  2. We get in touch with clients, so they do not have to do the chasing
  3. We do not just sell stuff we create ideas which fit with your business and your ideal clients. 

It is what makes us different!

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Standing out