Are You Struggling To Fill Your Events Or Conference?

Planning an event or conference can be expensive and nerve-racking.

I was talking with a client the other day who has held events in the past. We have supplied promotional products for, but they have struggled to create a buzz and to fill the events.

Filling events and conferences is something many people struggle with, especially if the event is free.

At a free event, the drop out rate is generally between 50-60% and for a paid event between 10- 30%.

There are many reasons why people don’t attend from some kind of emergency that pops up, to just finding something that they would rather do instead at that particular point in time.

For the majority of people who do not attend, it will be the latter reason which is caused by not showing them the value in them attending. So, as soon as something else comes up the event is shelved.

However, you can only make a significant and lasting impression if people attend, so a solution is required.

What can you do?

Here are a few of our favourite ideas to help you.

Share the value of the event and how it will help the attendees to solve their problems - this is essential as it will make your event their priority, which cannot be easily missed.

Invite twice as many people as you need to attend - this will make sure you have good numbers on the day. Which will create a great atmosphere?

Invite people personally and follow up with them to say how much you are looking forward to seeing them at the event. People will then feel an obligation to attend, as they know you are expecting them.

Have an exclusive offer for people who attend as a reward for coming along.

Make sure you give great value at the event, as people will then post on social media and talk about it. This will create a buzz and will make it easier to fill the next one!

Making the most of the event

Make sure you have someone to take photographs. These can be used to market the next event and to post about this one.

Have a giveaway that will start conversations, for example, a bag or a notebook with the event on. People will then ask the owner of the item about the event, and it will also keep the event in front of the attendee’s mind. So that if they come across anyone who could benefit from the event, they will remember to mention it. Remember, we all like to help others.

Have branded items at the event, like cakes and biscuits, which people can take pictures of and post on social media.

Use LinkedIn connect at the event to get everyone to be part of your LinkedIn network. This makes staying in touch a lot easier.

What would be the impact if you could Of An Event Like this For your business?

Imagine being able to do this for your business?

You are getting far better results for the same amount of effort.

Having an event or conference takes a lot of time and effort to organise, so making the most of it before and after, is extremely important.

It will enable you to grow your network, brand recognition and clients. While making the most of the budget you have for the event.

It will allow you to build deeper relationships with prospects and to reach a broader audience. Which will no doubt lead to new clients.

The promotional products you invest in plays a huge part in the way your company is perceived at any event, not just by your clients but also by your prospective clients. If you would like help to choose promotional products for your next event, get in touch.

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