Boosting Trade Show Traffic

So the trade show season is well underway and you may be looking at ways to generate traffic to their stand. If you are not…you really need to look at why you are attending the show. A well-chosen promotional product can help to draw significant traffic to your stand and provide contact information in a unique way, to ensure you are memorable. Remember there will be many distractions including your competition, so having a gift which can be handed to visitors is a great way of adding your own distraction.


Finding Viable Leads


By increasing the traffic to your stand, you will have the opportunity to meet more prospects and the greater the number of prospects you meet, the greater the chance of finding viable leads and customers. According to Incomm Center for Trade Show Research and Sales Training, event attendees are 52% more likely to stop by your stand, if you have appealing promotional items to give away. However as your prospects approach your stand, don’t hide or look at your phone, you need to look interested and be engaging. I am sure we have all seen exhibitors who look like the last thing they want you to do, is to stop and ask a question…….make sure this is not you!


There is Plenty of Stuff in Land Fill, We Do Not Need to Add More!


We love promotional products and getting brands into client's hands. However, this does not mean you should have 500 products, which are unrelated to your brand message, piled high on your stand. This just confuses your brand message and attendees and to be honest, is a waste of money….. There is plenty of stuff in land fill, we do not need to add more! You should choose products which reflect your company image and the message you would like to give. Something visitors can take away and use, such as a pen, desktop garden or a mug with your contact details on. Or a memorable snack or treat to bring a smile to their face and to distract them for a moment, from their aching feet.


Show Visitors You Appreciate Them


And last but by no means least. When you have gone to the trouble of choosing, ordering and transporting your promotional gifts to venue. Don’t leave them as an afterthought. During your conversations make a point of giving them to your visitor as a gift, to help them remember you and your company, when you follow up with them. By handing the gifts out you are making them special and adding value…promotional gifts shouldn’t be just for anyone who wants some free stuff. So be proud and show visitors, you appreciate them taking the time to talk to you and to visit your stand.