Branded Food For Effective Marketing Campaigns

There is a saying that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but I am not sure it is just men, I think it is women and children too. Many of us love treats, especially ones we can eat, from sweets and chocolates to popcorn and biscuits. They taste great and stimulate our senses from sight, smell, touch and taste which makes receiving them a memorable experience. They can be nostalgic and transport us back to our childhood or a special day from the past. Which make them the perfect choice for marketing your business.

Lots of people remember me from networking events, even if I have only met them once. It usually goes something like – you are the lady with the sweets, they were so delicious, I hadn’t had them for years (normally strawberry bonbons, as they are pink) or you have the cute mini mints. Which always makes me smile. You see marketing your business, does not need to be boring.

It goes to show that just because promotional sweets disappear quickly, as they are eaten. It doesn’t mean your brand will be forgotten. They make a lasting impression and are an affordable option for marketing your business, as they are something different and most people love them. Easter is the perfect time to use treats, to get in touch with clients and prospects. As it gives you an opportunity to say hello without asking for anything in return.

The perfect thing about edible treats is they can be used throughout the year for marketing your business. Here are a few example of our favourite. 


You can tailor chocolate treats to your audience from chocolate beans and bars to truffles or Maltesers. They can have your logo and contact details or a longer message as most people will read the message, as they eat the product. They are suitable for many events but especially great for gifts and mail outs.


There is such a large variety of sweets from retro sweets and popping candy to jelly beans and mini mints. Many can be matched to your logo as well as your audience. They are perfect for giveaways at trade shows, networking events and conferences, as they allow you to reach a larger audience in an affordable way. With so many different packaging options from tins and cubes to buckets and bags.


As a nation of tea drinkers, a biscuit is always welcome. Especially in offices where there is a steady flow of tea and coffee throughout the day. Each time they visit the tin, they will have a gentle reminder of your logo.

An added bonus with many of these products is that the tins and buckets will be used after the sweets and biscuits have all disappeared.

So, if you are looking to give your audience the feel-good factor, you cannot go wrong with edible gifts. Just look at how much is sold at Christmas. It is something we love!

If you are thinking you would like to use good quality promotional products for marketing but are not sure how or just have a few questions, just get in touch for a bit of advice.


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