Business Marketing and the Six Rules of Persuasion.

We are all looking for shortcuts now, as life becomes increasingly busy and we are bombarded with, so many choices.

People often rely on rules of thumb to make decisions quickly.

So, how can you use this to your advantage, in an ethical way for your business marketing? How can you influence people to make the decision, you would like them to make?

You can use the six rules of persuasion. Which has been proven to work in scientific studies?


Here are the six rules and how can you use them in your business marketing?



People like to pay back a favour, a service or a gift. By giving someone a personalised gift, especially if it is unexpected, they are far more lightly to buy your product or service in return. Studies have shown that, waiters and waitresses who gave customers a mint along with their bill and explained why they were giving the mint, significantly increased the level of tips they received. You see we all like to feel special and the gift does not need to cost a small fortune. 


People often want something far more, when it is scarce than when it is in abundance. As, they do not want to miss out. You can use this to your advantage in your business marketing, by having a deadline. This could be, that clients receive a free promotional product from you if, they order by a specific date. Or you will give away a personalised gift to the first 100 customers.


People like to be advised by those who have knowledge. So, it is crucial to demonstrate what makes you credible. The evidence could come from blogs, videos and white papers to client testimonials. Video testimonials are especially powerful as potential clients can hear what it is like to work with you. 


People like to be consistent and will behave similarly, to how they have in the past. Therefore it is a good idea to get a small commitment from them early on. Studies have shown that something as simple as, getting people to write down their appointment date, makes them more lightly to attend a meeting. You can also look at how they behaved in the past, as what appealed to them then, is lightly to appeal to them again. This could be a similar targeted marketing campaign for instance.


It is a good idea to get to know your target market and take time to build relationships with them. As people like people who are similar to themselves. That pay them genuine compliments and who cooperate with them towards mutual goals. So, it is important to cover these points before you get down to business.


When people are uncertain, they will look at the actions and behaviours of others to determine their own. So, by having a testimonial and carefully wording text in your business marketing you can show people, what others have done. An example could be; Seven out of ten marketers use promotional products for their business marketing.


Consider these six rules in your business marketing.


By considering these six rules in your business marketing and using them ethically, you will be giving yourself the best advantage to influence and persuade others.

With promotional products, the most important rules to consider is reciprocity and scarcity. By demonstrating you are generous with a gift, that is given as a surprise and has an element of scarcity to it. You are giving yourself the best opportunity, for potential clients to make decisions in your favour.

If you would like help to choose the perfect promotional product, which fits in with your business and your message. Get in touch now. We have many years’ experience and will be happy to advise you.



Business Marketing and the six rules of persuasion.