Can Focusing, Get Results?

I was listening to a clip from Michael McIntyre the other day. He was explaining how when you don’t have children; you decide to leave the house to pick up your keys and go. However, all of this changes when you have children and leaving home becomes like a poorly run military operation.

It made me laugh and really resonated with me, as I have once been that person. It felt like someone else understood the pain I had been in and knew it felt like trying to herd cats. Something I have not done I must confess, but it seems like it would be a near impossible task.

When someone gets you and understands how you feel, it is a compelling thing and makes you stop and listen. Your brain doesn’t filter it out as irrelevant, it grabs your attention.

This is really useful for your business and is why it is so important to know, who your ideal client is and what their problems are. You can stop them from scrolling on by or filtering your message out. Making them feel like you are talking directly to them, not just to anyone.

Whilst narrowing down to your ideal client, can feel a little scary, as you are not appealing to everyone. It will make the job of finding and helping your ideal client, far easier.

Statistics show that you will need on average 12 touch points with a prospect, before they will buy from you. Therefore by being specific and letting them know you understand them, you will be able to keep this to a minimum with tailored messages.

Knowing who your ideal client is, will be relevant for all of your marketing, helping to make your efforts more effective and to save you time and money.

We help clients to look at who their ideal clients are, as it helps when choosing promotional products. By knowing the target audience, we can help our clients to choose products which will appeal, as well as fitting in with the business. Making their message loud and clear.

Carefully selected products will stay on a prospect's desk, or in their bag for a long time, increasing the brand awareness. Ensure the business stays at the forefront of their ideal clients mind until they are ready to buy.

Need help with promotional products for your next marketing campaign? Get in touch, we are happy to see how we can help.

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