Can Promotional Merchandise Be Cost Effective?

To grow your brand awareness, you need to repeatedly expose your brand and your message to your target audience. In the noisy world we now live in, this has become increasingly difficult. Your customers will be regularly exposed to your competitors brands. This could be through online campaigns, social media, TV Ads, promotional items or print.


People feel more aware


Research from the BPMA in 2012-2013 showed that 84% of people feel more aware of a brand after receiving promotional merchandise or a promotional product from them. 66% of people can remember the name, brand or organisation on the promotional product they have received. Which is much higher than for any other type of marketing.


Products will be used time and time again


Unlike many forms of marketing some promotional products have longevity, such as a cotton shopper, pen or a note pad. These products will be used time and time again, with many people keeping them for over a year, showing off your brand with every use, whether out at the local supermarket or the gym.


Create nostalgia for days gone by


Other products can touch the senses such as the taste buds with sweets and chocolate. The sense of smell with the lavender pillow mist or scented candles. Or our want to nurture with a desktop plant, which will be kept on the desk for a long time and can even be used as part of a social media campaign. Or you can create nostalgia for days gone by, with retro sweets and love hearts.


Bring a smile to peoples faces


Promotional merchandise has the ability to bring a smile to peoples faces, while they have their brand in your hand. You will also get the added bonus of the pleasure, which is created when people receive something unexpected for free. Customers are normally the ones who must give money to receive their goods or services. By giving something back for free, they will feel appreciated  and this feeling will be associated with your brand. Which in time can bring you to the forefront of their mind and create brand loyalty, either subconsciously or consciously. This will increase the lightly hood of them making a purchase from you. Surely this is a cost effective opportunity, that is too good to miss.


Coloured Cotton Greenwich Bag

Coloured Cotton Greenwich Bag