Customer engagement

Growing Customer Relationships

The way businesses gain customers has changed a lot over time. It has gone from placing ads in the newspaper, on TV and in magazines to being able to market through social media, email and even businesses having their own channels on YouTube.

However, while there are plenty of ways to market, it is sometimes tricky and time-consuming to keep up with it all. To know precisely where those ideal clients are hanging out.

Simple Ways to Engage Your Audience

Having an engaged audience is vital to the consistent growth of any business.

As, the quickest type of business growth, usually comes from both existing and new clients.

However, 68% of business is lost due to indifference. This is where one business seems much the same as another, so the customer finds no reasons to differentiate or to show any loyalty.

How Are You Creating Touch Points?

It is often said we all like to buy but no one likes to be sold to.

However, sales make the world go around, so I think it all depends more on how you are being sold too. No one likes the sales pitch on LinkedIn when you have just connected or the salesperson who just doesn’t listen but knows that you need their products or service.