Five Ways To Stay In Front Of Your Audience With Promotional Products

The whole purpose of marketing is to educate your audience and stay memorable until they are ready to buy from you.

If you think back, you probably still remember brands and their messages from many years ago. All because they were in front of you many times, and they had a compelling message. For instance, Minstrels - The chocolate that melts in your mouth, not in your hand. A campaign from Galaxy that saved children’s stick fingers and made Minstrels unique chocolate treat.

Increasing the number of times your brand and message is seen is vitally important. As any message needs to be seen many times to cement in your clients and prospects minds.

Jo’s promo teabags! - Guest Blog

I know what you’re all thinking.

Jo – why teabags for your latest promo merch?

Okay, okay, I’ll tell you.

Though my personality is probably enough of a gift to bestow on my clients and all those who work with me, I always think it’s nice to send people a little something every now and then to show them that I’m thinking about them, and to remind them that I’ve got a mortgage to pay if they fancy slinging some further work my way.

Why you shouldn’t stop marketing in the holidays!

The summer holidays are almost here!

Fingers crossed, there will be many long sun-filled summer days ahead of us. With laughter, relaxation, good food, maybe the odd drink or two and not too many thunder bugs!

This is the time when bizarrely many businesses stop marketing.

Using the excuse that everyone is on holiday.

Are You Doing The One Thing Or The Many?


They always seemed quite focused, whether it’s gathering food, biting people or building a nest in the middle of the lawn!

Which seems to be their current project in our garden.

I sat in the garden on Saturday enjoying the glorious sunshine and reading “The One Thing” by Gary Keller, (I would say it is well worth a read, if you haven’t already read it).

What Is The Most Effective Branding For A Promotional Pen

When you buy a promotional pen the whole point of buying it and giving it to your prospect has, actually nothing to do with the pen. That goes for most promotional product, not just pens. Promotional products are purchased for what they will do for the business, not for what they actually are. You are buying the engagement the pen will create and the business, they will help to generate.

6 Tips To Help You Choose The Right Promotional Pen For Your Next Campaign.

Choosing the right promotional pen for your next campaign or giveaway may seem very simple. You just pick a pen and off you go, don’t you?

Well, you can but there are a few things you should consider before you part with any of your marketing budget. If you would like to make the best use of your pounds.

So why is the choice of the pen so important. Surely as long as it has your brand on, that is all you need.

Well in my experience the type of pen you choose for your promotional product campaign can make the difference between someone keeping your details for a year, or not keeping them at all.

How Are You Getting Your Message To Your Clients?

I went to an event about digital marketing this week. You may think, promotional products how do they fit in with digital marketing. Well, we like to use all of the marketing channels we can to get our message out to our ideal clients. I learned more about how to use social media, video, and PR to best help business. I like to go along to quite a lot of educational events as there is always more to learn and new people to meet.

No One Likes A Tumbleweed Moment... Stop Them With Promotional Products

We help our clients to use promotional products, so they do not have the tumbleweed blowing through.

Have you ever had a tumbleweed moment? I have had a few in the past, they are not great. It feels like the silence goes on forever, but that is probably just my imagination. 

It can be easy to let this go on with customers. There is a lot of interaction when the customer is on their journey, through the sales funnel. There are calls, emails, voicemails and lots of messages back and forth. A flurry of activity. 

Branded Food For Effective Marketing Campaigns

There is a saying that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but I am not sure it is just men, I think it is women and children too. Many of us love treats, especially ones we can eat, from sweets and chocolates to popcorn and biscuits. They taste great and stimulate our senses from sight, smell, touch and taste which makes receiving them a memorable experience. They can be nostalgic and transport us back to our childhood or a special day from the past.

How We Get A Reaction From Promotional Products and Direct Mail.

Direct mail and promotional products go together perfectly and can make a great impression. There have been many rumours that direct mail is dead, but we can confirm that from our point of view it is alive and kicking.

I was chatting with our postman the other day, he is a nice chap. But the office dog hates him with a passion. He is fine with every other visitor though, which is a bit odd.

Anyway, he was saying (the postman not the dog) that due to emails and messaging, the number of letters he has to deliver has dropped massively.

How Can Small Questions, Make a Huge Difference?

Would you like olives, while you wait for your order?

 This is heard by every customer at our local pub. You see, they have cross-selling off to a tee.

You may think adding few olives to a few people’s orders, will not make a huge difference. The owner who is a friend of mine, says about 40% of people will have olives. This adds about £120 to his taking each day, £840 per week!. All from one simple question. 

Are You Odds On...Or A Rank Outsider?

I used to work with racehorses. It seems like a lifetime away now.

Now training racehorses look easy. They want to run fast and as long as they are fit and good enough. They should win. 

You have to take in their individual personalities. Some worry, some are boisterous, some don't want to go and some don't want to stop. So it's no good just having a one size fits all training method. You need to either group them by ability and personality or, only buy the kind of horse which fits your training method.

Marketing Feel A Little Like David and Goliath?

When you run your own business, it’s extremely easy to think that where marketing is concerned, it is like David and Goliath. Big businesses have huge budgets, like the 6 million, John Lewis spent on their Christmas ads and the small fortune Coca-Cola spend each year on branded trucks and teams with promotional clothing and products. Going around the country to visit huge crowds at Coca-Cola Christmas. They have large teams, many communication techniques, and a large audience.