Did You Know .....A Bag Really Is For Life!

Well, actually that is a bit of a lie. Try a bag is for many lifetimes, as it will take between 400 -1000 years to break down. Quite an heirloom for future generations!


Something We Should Not Ignore!


You may have seen the issues being caused by plastic bags highlighted this week. They are eaten by marine animals, such as whales, turtles, seals, and birds, who mistake them for jelly fish. The bags then pass into their gut, as it cannot be broken down over time, it will lead to a slow and painful death. As well as this, idyllic beaches are being covered in plastic which is washed up. Now just because we are not tripping over it on the way out of the back door, it is something we should not ignore!


The one on the left is a plastic bag and one on the right a jelly fish. Both look the same to a hungry marine animal.



Something We Are Passionate About


You may be thinking well this is all very depressing, but what has it got to do with me and why are you writing about it. Here at Gifts Two Give we sustainably source as many products as we can, we reuse and recycle everything we can, (my desk is made from wood reclaimed from the local builders burning pile). I did ask first by the way. It is something we are passionate about.


Many Hand Really Will Make Light Work


Now we all have busy lives and I am not expecting you to live in a mud hut and live on what you can grow, (I did want to be Barbara in the Good Life, but that phase has passed now). All I am asking is that we all do our bit and look after the earth, as many hands will make light work. We can make sure future generations don’t have to wade through knee deep plastic. We cannot not let this happen on our watch.


All I am asking is that you take your reusable bags to do all of your shopping. I have forgotten to take mine a few times, but as I don’t allow myself to buy bags, it takes a while to take everything from the trolley to the boot of the car. My memory has improved and I have not forgotten them for ages (fingers crossed tightly)!


My Final Ask!


Now my last ask (I am feeling a bit demanding) is, if you decide to buy shopping bags for your clients, which is a great promotional product idea. Please make sure they are from sustainable sources, if not this will cause even more issues, which is a whole other blog. 

There is good news as bag usage is down 85%. See more in the linked article.


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