Do You Create Memories with Your Customers?

If you think back through life, most of us have memories which are either very good or bad, that stay strong in our minds. Like the first day of school, first kiss great holidays or going to the hospital. With these memories come feelings; happy, sad, valued, frightened or excited. The ordinary stuff which goes on still creates memories, but it takes a bit of brain power to retrieve them.


How Can This Be Related to Your Business?


Looking after customers is a vital part of the business, as without them you have no business. You may have exceptional marketing, but whilst great customer service may overcome poor marketing. It is very can difficult and expensive, to try to fix poor customer service with excellent marketing.


The Exceptional, The Bad and The Ugly.


How you and your staff treat your customers will create memories for them. So be careful which ones you create. The good, the bad and the ugly will be remembered for a long time and the tales will be retold. We can probably all remember both exceptional and poor customer service as each one stands out in our memory, but for very different reasons. Whether we were made to feel special and treasured or frustrated, ignored, stupid, will stay with us for a long time.  It is far easier to create a great memory from the start than try to make up for a bad one.  No amount of back peddling with offers or discounts will erase bitter memories already created. As the trust will have long gone.


How Do You Make Your Customers Feel?


People buy from people and businesses they like and trust.  Whilst some are driven by price, far more driven by customer service and a love for the brand. Otherwise only the cheapest shops would survive. There would be no Waitrose. So, it’s really quite simple.  Just treat customers, as you would wish to be treated and instill this value in your staff from the very beginning.  


Make Customers Feel Special and Valued. 


Treat customers with respect, making them feel appreciated and valued. It will not cost the business anymore and as we have probably all been told, manners cost nothing. They do however have a high perceived value and will have a huge impact on your customer. Instill this value into your staff from the very beginning. You are then far more lightly to have returning customers, who will in time love your brand and spread good words. Which in turn will have a positive effect on the business and make a better working environment for staff.  As happiness breeds happiness.


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