Do You Find It Hard To Stay Memorable?

How do you help people to remember your business?

Do you come to the forefront of their mind, when they need your services or do they remember them down the road?

Well, it can be hard to cut through all of the noise and to get people to remember you at the right time. Especially when it is rumored goldfish have a longer attention span than some of us these days.

So what are the options? You could spend more money on ads, you could bombard them with information and offers. Then maybe some of it will stick.

But how about looking at what others have done….and adapting it for your business and audience. 

You may have noticed recently that many TV adverts are now telling stories. They are about animals, children or families and concentrate on the relationships. They have moving music and products may not even make an appearance until the end.

Take for instance the Guinness advert: a group of men, The Compton Cowboys are riding horses in the city, they could have joined the gangs in the cars, but they saved horses from the slaughterhouse and now look after them. They took a different path to that of the gang life that dominated the environment in which they grew up.

Here is the link to watch the ad on YouTube:

The ad ends with one of the cowboys saying, ‘Did I save the horse or did he save me?’ Guinness is only actually shown towards the end of the ad. With the strapline 'Made of More'.

So why do these companies want to make us feel emotion? And how does this help their brand?

Only a small number of things can be saved in our short-term memory, so a brand in the short term memory won't be remembered for long. But by adding an emotion, it will be moved to the longer-term memory. You will remember the feeling as well as the brand.

Think of things you remember from childhood, the most memorable things will probably have an emotion attached to them in some way.

You may be thinking that is all well and good, but you don't have the budget of Guinness. Well few of us do, so you are not alone. Don’t worry, you do not need it to create emotions and make your brand more memorable.

Just think about most people’s favourite time of year, Christmas. We all like getting gifts and they make us happy (an emotion), they don’t need to be huge, but just a reminder that we have been thought of, that we are cared for.

So just think about how you can add emotion to your story and to your marketing. As people don't mean to forget you, they just forget to remember you.

We often send out for ourselves and our client's mini mints. Well, who doesn’t like something which is small, cute and perfectly formed? And if is it branded with your logo well that is even better. They are one of my favourite products to send out.

And here are my 4 reasons why:

  1. They are branded with a logo. When you give someone a gift you create an emotion and adding an emotion to your brand makes it instantly more memorable.
  2. They are pocket or handbag size so will be taken out and used, which will increase the number of times they are seen and the number of people who see them.
  3. The tins are very cute so most people find another use for them, as they are too nice to throw away. So they will be seen by even more people.
  4. It is very hard unless you are very stingy to have a mint and not ask if anyone else if they would like one. Mints are often used at networking events, as people are very conscious about smelling of coffee. This shows your brand off even more to many other business owners.
pablo (82).png


So, just make sure you add emotion to what you do. To help people to remember you, for when they are ready to buy. And you don’t need to have a huge budget to engage your clients and prospects, you just need to be a little thoughtful and creative.

It can be something small to show people you have thought about them and that you care. Or it can be your story, you may just need to let them get to know you a little better. 

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