Do you grind people’s gears?

How do you know? Do you ever ask them?

I don’t mean asking straight I grind your gears.  But just by talking to them and getting to know them. Getting to know what they like. What their problems are.

As I am sat writing this, there is a rather annoying fly buzzing round. He insists on buzzing round and landing near me, I shoo him away and he does a fly past and then tries to land again. He is really starting to grind my gears and at 6:00 am it is something I can do without. You may be thinking why am I telling you about this.

Well, it got me thinking about an annoying thing that has been happening for the last few days. Which had also been causing a bit of grinding of the gears?

I signed up for two emails a few weeks ago. One is from a business who, when I signed up said that I would receive an email from them every day and not to sign up if I didn’t want to be mailed daily. I like the style of the emails and they are interesting so I signed up and I am quite happy to receive them. As I had been told what would happen and I knew what to expect. I enjoy reading the emails as they are a combination of light-hearted points and some thought-provoking helpful tips. I usually save them and read them at the weekend or when I am travelling.

However, the other one I signed up for didn’t say how frequently I would get them. I foolishly presumed once a week, once a day at most. But it turns out to be between 3-4 per day! They are not particularly helpful or entertaining, however, there is the threat of impending doom, if I do not listen to their latest webinar, go to their latest event or sign up for their course.

Needless to say, I have unsubscribed from the later email, even though it told me I was making a huge mistake and my future will be poorer for it. I am happy to live with the consequences, just to have an inbox which is not full of Buy My Stuff emails.

It is understandable to want people to know about your business. As it's no good having the best products or solution in the world if no one knows about you. Getting your name out in front of people is crucial to the success of the business. However, you need to give people a reason to read your content and let them know what will happen if they do sign up.

So, what is the solution?  Well instead of looking at it from your point of view and what you would like to tell your client or prospects. Think about it from their point of view.  What would they like to know from you? What would be useful to them? How can you help them? This doesn't mean you need to give them all of the answers to their problems so that they will not need your services. But it does allow you to show your credibility and knowledge.

Just make sure if they sign up for anything, tell them what will happen. As no one likes to be ambushed!

Do you know about the rule of reciprocation? Humans like to return favours and payback depts. So you can make the most of this and help people first. 

We find it works for us. By genuinely helping people, you can become memorable to them.

When we mail out a promotional product to a client or prospect as part of a marketing campaign, they are far happier to take our call or sign up to our emails than if we just cold called them. We just make sure that we let them know what will happen at each stage. So they never feel like they have been ambushed!

It is something which our clients also find works for them.

Maybe it is something that could work for you. Give it a try and let us know how you get on it isn’t something that will cost you a fortune if you use a bit of imagination.

Or if you need some help just get in touch.

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Lady with steam coming out of her ears.

Lady with steam coming out of her ears.