Do You Have A Class System For Customers?

I don’t mean amongst the staff but, amongst your customers. Does how you treat them depend on how much they spend with you. How much money they have and how lightly they are going to spend it with you?


But just because someone is not spending a lot with your business, does not necessarily mean they are not spending it somewhere else with your competitors. So surely if you treat them much better than your competitors, the lightly hood is that they may start spending all of their budget with you.


I find that I am often treated differently depending on what I am wearing. Which is crazy as I still have the same amount of money in my purse. I suppose we have had the so-called class system for a long time, so maybe it just comes naturally.


Have you heard people say you don’t get the service you used to? Well, I think for many companies this is very true. Especially if they feel you are not a big enough customer or that they have a big enough share of the market and people will always just keep coming to them. But this is often not a guarantee. Look at Marks and Spencer’s, it no longer has the share of the market it used to. The service is not what it used to be, and customers have slowly voted with their feet. Even though many of them have been loyal customers for many years and would like to shop there if they could find something nice to buy.


This is surely where small businesses can stand out. If you don’t have a class system for your clients but just simply treat them all well, it will be far more beneficial to everyone.  If you think about it great customer service doesn’t actually cost a huge amount. It is more just a change of attitude and making sure that all customers are made to feel special. After all we emotional creatures who want to be liked and treated with respect (even though some make it more difficult than others).


Just communicate with them, listen to them and show them you would like to help. It is far easier now to communicate with many people than ever before with social media. Long gone are the days when we could only communicate by phone or face to face. There are no excuses. People are not asking for a huge amount (well most of them anyway), just someone who respects them and who wants to help. Someone who is courteous and does not answer the phone with an exasperated tone. Someone who is honest.


A word of warning though it is pointless starting if you are not going to be inconsistent. As once you raise people’s expectations they will expect the same treatment all of the time. If, however you exceed their expectations they will probably stay with you for a long time. So it is probably worth the extra effort


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