Do You Know Your Onions?

There is a Saturday market in our local town. It has a great fruit and vegetable stall. It has been there for over 15 years. There is always a real bustle about it. People chatting and a guy shouting out their best deal of the day.


The only thing is you need to get there early. They will be sold out by 2 O’clock and on their way home. People patiently queue up to pay and it is always a squeeze to get around, as so many people are there. It is by far the busiest stall on the market.


There are a few reasons, why we go there. They have good quality fruit and vegetables, not everything is wrapped in plastic and the people running the stall. They show they care and make their customers feel very welcome, whatever the weather. They are genuinely interested and put the fruit and veg in the bags carefully. They always ask how everyone is and say - see you next week.


You may think these are only small things. But put together, they make buying of fruit and veg, far more pleasant.


The supermarket is fine. They have fruit and vegetables which you can buy, and the staff are very pleasant. But the market has a great atmosphere. It is a family run business and you see the people all working hard. Keeping the stall well stocked and helping their customers. They take a great pride in the stall and the fruit and veg, they buy from the wholesaler.


A few weeks ago, rather embarrassingly. I had filled my basket and queued to pay.  Unfortunately, I had £15.00, but my basket came to £16.50. I explained the situation to the lady, who regularly serves me and asked if she could keep my shopping, while I popped to the bank. She replied don’t worry, just pay me the extra next time.


I kept thinking all week, I must pay the extra £1.50, on Saturday. You see the lady had trusted me to pay next week. Now, if you think about it, whether I paid back the £1.50 or not wouldn't have made a big difference to myself or the market stall. But, it was just the fact that the lady had trusted in me, to bring the money next time. Which I did.


So what do they do well? As well as doing fruit and veg really well, they know their onions. But what they do best, is making their customers feel special. They show they have pride in their produce and their business. 


Now I am not suggesting you should let your clients off, not paying each week, as if you did it with everyone, it would not help your business at all. But by being kind and helping people, you can stand out and make a difference. Just like the lady helped me. 


Why is it important? It is important as it makes them stand out from other businesses, selling the same things. It makes people pass the supermarkets, to get to the fruit and veg stall. It makes them carry the bags further back to their cars than if they would have if they had gone to the supermarket.


What do we do to make our clients feel special? We make sure we have great products. We are honest with our clients and let them know if, we think the products they are looking at will not fit in with their brand. But most of all we genuinely care about them and we let them know this. We treat each one as an individual and do our best every time, not just some of the time.


How can you do the same in your business? You are probably doing many amazing things already, to make your clients feel special. But if you are looking for some ways to make them feel extra special, think about your ideal customer and what is most important to them. Let them know they are special to you, this could be in the form of just telling them you really appreciate them. This could be face to face or you could send a thank you card or you could give them a gift to say thank you.


If you are thinking you would like to use good quality promotional products or if you have a few questions, just get in touch for a bit of advice.


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