Your it a Way Of Life or an afterthought?

Do you love your brand? Is it something you live or does it make you cringe? 


You may ask why do you need to love and live your brand? Well, your brand is your company identity and tells people who you are and what you are like as a business. By creating a brand and a way of conduct, you are giving consistency to your customers. Helping them to feel at ease with you. A brand identity will help to keep everyone pulling in the same direction, which as tug of war demonstrates is very effective. To help you and your staff feel a sense of belonging, the brand needs to be something you are proud of. That is seen by all and that has a consistency from the colours, to the message and what you believe in. So how can this be incorporated into your business to become part of your strategy?


Have branded products for staff.


To give staff a feeling of belonging branding clothing is fabulous as long as they are clothes that your staff like and are proud to wear. They are a great visible reminder of your brand to everyone. It also gets you’re your brand in front of customers if your staff are customer facing. It may just be me but a few times in shops where staff do not have a uniform or any of telling staff from other customers, I have asked an assistant if they have a particular garment in my size, only to find they are another customer. It is rather embarrassing, to say the least.


Give Staff a Sense Of Belonging


When staff join the team, having branded clothes gives them a sense of belonging from the start. But remember clothes must be appropriate and something staff will be happy to wear, practical to work in.

Use Promotional Products at Trade Shows


Give gifts to people who visit your stand as a reminder of their visit and a reminder of your details. It also gives you a good way of reminding them of your stand and the gift they were given and the conversation you had. Just use the products as a special gift and do not make them seem worthless by piling them high. It is your chance to make a good impression so far better to give away your brand, than someone else’s. Other companies are quite capable of promoting themselves.

Give Gifts to Say Thank You


Saying thank you with a branded gift not only gives your clients a gift that will delight them, but it is yet again another way to get your brand in front of them. Another opportunity to get your brand out of your business and in front of others is an opportunity which should not be missed. As well as the customers, you meet you can target customers who use social media, if you send them gifts or have a competition for them to win a gift they are lightly to post them on social media, giving greater exposure to your brand. Making everyone happy.


Reward Staffs Hard Work


You can reward staff for great work with a branded gift such as a bag or brief case, depending on which is most suitable. This works in many ways, you are rewarding your staff for great work and you are getting them to advertise your brand when they are out working and they are reminded of the brand and company ethos each time they see the brand.


Company Events


Company events are another great way to give your brand exposure. Whether it is an open day, a company picnic or an exhibition which you are putting on yourselves. Pick gifts which are relevant and useful, such as a Frisbee or footballs or sun cream for a picnic, which will be used at the event and long after the event is over.


Live Your Brand


By living your brand, becoming part of it and letting it become part of you and thinking a little differently, you can spread your brand message far and wide. Getting staff and customers, to help you to spread the word even further. It just takes a little thought and effort, but the results will speak for themselves.