What Is The Most Effective Branding For A Promotional Pen

When you buy a promotional pen the whole point of buying it and giving it to your prospect has, actually nothing to do with the pen.

That goes for most promotional product, not just pens. Promotional products are purchased for what they will do for the business, not for what they actually are. You are buying the engagement the pen will create and the business, they will help to generate.

Effective Branding Gives Most Impact, On The Promotional Pen

Ensuring you have the most effective branding, will help you to make the best impact possible and therefore make the most of your spend.

Once you have chosen a good pen which works well (6 Tips To Help You Choose The Right Promotional Pen For Your Next Campaign.). The next thing you need to think about is branding and what will be most effective.

Is Just Your Logo On The Promotional Pen Enough?

Many people have just their logo, which is all well and good if you are Nike or Amazon. However, if you are not as well known, it does make it quite hard for anyone to get in touch, if all they have, is your logo. Meaning you may miss out on someone needing your services.

Having your website address and or phone number makes it easy for them. Then even if your email address changes, they will find the new details on the website and still be able to get in touch easily.

Make It Easy To Get In Touch With You

As humans, we like to take the easy option. So making getting in touch as easy as possible, is always the best idea.

Also making sure the text is very clear will also help. If people have to find their glasses to read the text they may not go to the effort.

Promotional pens are sometimes given away by the recipient. By having clear contact details on the pen you will know wherever the pen ends up it will lead straight back to your business. Which was the whole point in giving it away in the first place.

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