Growing Customer Relationships

The way businesses gain customers has changed a lot over time. It has gone from placing ads in the newspaper, on TV and in magazines to being able to market through social media, email and even businesses having their own channels on YouTube.

However, while there are plenty of ways to market, it is sometimes tricky and time-consuming to keep up with it all. To know precisely where those ideal clients are hanging out.

Concentrating too hard on gaining the new clients can lead to the existing clients feeling a little ignored. Therefore, making them far more likely to become one of the 68% of business, that is lost every year due to indifference. Not because you particularly did anything wrong, but because you were not really any different from your competitors. You just became a little forgettable.

Losing customers is never great but as we move nearer to the last quarter of the year and it becomes even more critical to get them to stay to maximise sales and growth for the year.

If you need to replace clients too frequently due to them going elsewhere, this will inhibit growth drastically. It is s little like trying to fill a leaking dam with water instead of fixing the hole.

The good news is, it is not a difficult problem to solve.

By building your relationship with your existing clients, you can become the go-to person for them. They will then always think of you and not even consider going elsewhere.

It will also help to avoid the phrase - I didn’t realise that you did…. (fill in your product) so, I went to (fill in your competitor).

As your client relationship grows, clients will become more tuned into what you do and will feel comfortable enough to get in touch if they are not quite sure.

Building rapport doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive. It can be helped with a little thank you gift in the post. Something simple but very effective. It will cost a fraction of gaining a new client and make business far more enjoyable.

If you would like some help to grow the relationships, you have with your customers, add your details here, and we can arrange a chat.

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