Are You Looking For The Silver Bullet?

Have you read the Chimp Paradox? I have just finished it and found it really interesting. I learnt quite a few things, but one that stood out was, that as humans we are programmed to find the easiest and safest way of doing things. Which kind of explains a lot.


Our brain wants to keep you as safe and as comfortable possible. Which was good for our survival many years ago when we lived in caves, but less helpful now if you want to push yourself and do something a little different. Something that your brain sees as dangerous.


I think if you are in business, the place where you will find most success, is outside of your comfort zone. 


Making videos is definitely outside of my comfort zone. I am getting better, but I would still rather do something else if I can. Which is just crazy, as I know they will be so good for my business. According to a report from Buffer, it is a hugely underutilized opportunity. So, it is something I have decided to concentrate on. 


I know videos do not have any magical properties, but they will give people a window into what I do and who I am for those who have not met me. 


I had a conversation with someone who makes videos the other day and he was saying that people have a video made, put it on their website and that is it. They then expect business to flow in. How can this happen if people do not know the website exists? How can they find it?


Sadly, I don't think anything has magical properties to increase business on its own. Not social media, promotional products, video or networking. There is no silver bullet. Mind you if there was one everyone would have one and then it wouldn't work anyway.


You need a combination of everything, to create a momentum. So that social media, networking, promotional products, calling and video are all linked consistently. This will help you to build your credibility and your brand for the future. There are no quick fixes and if you keep looking for them, sadly you will probably slow your progress. 


One thing to take into consideration in all of this from the Chimp Paradox is, that people like to take the simple option. Take this into consideration in all of your marketing and make things easily accessible and straight forward. If people are unsure what you would like them to do, they will end up moving on and not doing anything at all. For the primitive part of the brain, this is much safer than taking a chance.


I have decided to share one new video each week. What are you doing to get out of your comfort zone?


If you have any questions or you would like some help, just get in touch.


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