Have You Found Your Gap Yet?

Business can be daunting, especially if you keep looking at what your competition is up to.

In the promotional products industry, there are lots of distributors, who can do things cheaper and quicker. If I worried about them all of the time, I wouldn't get any work done. 

It probably the same in your industry. 

If you think about it, every industry is probably the same, but smaller businesses still exist. 

So how do they do it?

Often people are looking for more, than cheap prices. There are still bookstores, even though they do not stock as many books as Amazon. As people like the experience of browsing through the books and making an instant purchase. Or buying a book and sitting in bookshops cafe and reading it.

There are artisan bakers, they cannot offer cheaper bread that Warburtons. But fortunately, not everyone wants to eat Warburtons. Many people are looking for far more. So, the bookshop and the baker just find their niche, their thing. They find their gap and they fill it. 

As a small business you take the advantage of being small and nimble. You have the ability to  try out new ideas without having to run them past lots of people for approval. You can make clients feel special, as you can get to know them. 

You can let them know you are on their side and what their business means to you. So don't try to be like other businesses, be yourself. Not everyone will buy from you, but by showing your differences and letting people get to know your small business, you can fill the gap and make it yours. 

A great way to show people you care and are different is by saying thank you with a card or a gift. 

If you are thinking you would like to use good quality promotional products, to thank your clients, but are not sure how. Or if you have a few questions,  get in touch.

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