Heroes and Villains

All good films seem to have a similar story’s.

Well, the ones I watch do anyway - I am a sucker for a happy ending. There is always a hero, a villain and someone in distress who needs saving. Sure there are a few other characters, but these are the unimportant ones, the ones that you don’t remember.

I think it’s a little like that in business.

You have a customer, who is in distress with a problem you can solve. They have a pain, this may be metaphorical unless you are a doctor. They want you to help them become pain-free as simply as possible. Allowing them to prosper.

This got me thinking about heroes and villains in my world. Here is my story.

It is a cold dark winters morning, a smartly dressed lady rushes from the house, bags, and coffee in hand. The morning has not gone as smoothly as it should. She is running late! To make things worse she realizes there has been a frost! The car is frozen. We have our villain!

She fumbles for her key, juggling bags, and coffee, opens the car door and scrabbles around in the dim light. Suddenly she feels something cold and hard in her hand. A sudden feeling of relief flows over her, she is saved.

So who is our hero? The branded ice scraper. Which will rescue our victim every frosty morning?

What better way to help your clients through the dark winter months and to make sure your business is always there to help.

 If you would like to feature in your own story, get in touch. We love creating heroes!

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