How Are You Easing Your Customers Journey?

It is said that we need to have between 7 - 12 touch points with potential customers before they buy from us. Which seems to have increased since the growth of social media and the decrease in attention spans.

You may be thinking, 12! That just seems like a ridiculous amount.  How is it possible to do this without them running for the hills? Do you email them 12 times, hope they see 12 of your posts on LinkedIn or go and visit them 12 times? All of this would get a little monotonous for all involved and boring people into submission is not a great long-term strategy.

So how can you make these touch points effective and interesting to your potential customer? You need to think about what your client needs to see in the 12 touch points, as you move them along the road to buy from you.

So what is a touch point?

A “touch point” refers to any time a customer comes into contact with your brand. Which includes social media, blogs, ads, website, events, promotional products, word of mouth, sales meeting and many more. 

Try to remember your customers are interested in what is in it for us, which may sound a little selfish but is true. Think about what will make them want to know more and what will encourage them to buy.

Each of these stages will require different information. For instance, when someone first comes across you, as they don’t know you or what you are about, so it is unlikely they will give you much of their time. You will need something short and intriguing which doesn’t take very long to read or watch.

The next meeting or interaction can be longer and have a little more information, as they have shown they have an interest and would like to know a little more. It is important to not scare them off at this point. They have only shown a little interest and are not looking for War and Peace at this stage!

So how can you drip feed this information to a prospect without bombarding them with information?

Some would say we are really lucky as there are now so many ways to keep in touch. This could be by email, phone, social media, post, promotional products and in person. So the smart people are utilising many of these channels. Giving the impression of being everywhere and allowing their prospects to gentle absorb their information at a pace that suits the prospect. Making sure they stay at the forefront of their prospects minds until they are ready to buy.

It can seem a little daunting to figure out potential touch points as there are so many which your prospects could experience your brand. However, if you put yourself in the shoes of your customer and walk through the journey step by step, you can make the task a lot easier.

Ask yourself the following:

Is it clear to prospects where they should go to and when they have the following:

  • I have a problem or pain point and I don’t know how to solve it.
  • I have a problem that your product or service will solve.
  • I discover the product or business that solves my problem.
  • I decide to make a purchasing decision.
  • After the purchase, I encounter the business again.

You can also use analytics and ask customers how they found out about you and how easy the journey was.

You will find some will travel quickly along the route and buy. Some will be a bit slower, other will buy in a few year’s time and others will never buy at all.

So next time we will look at how you can map out the journey. As all of the best journeys have a map. Otherwise you may end up anywhere.

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