How Are You Getting Your Message To Your Clients?

I went to a digital marketing event this week. You may think, promotional products, how do they fit in with digital marketing? Well, we like to use all the marketing channels we can. It helps to get our message out, to our ideal clients. I learned more about how to use social media, video, and PR, to best help my business.


I like to go along, to quite a lot of educational events. There is always more to learn and new people to meet. We were told some interesting facts. 50% of the world is under 30 and 1 in 3 marriages now start online! This just indicates to me, that in case you were in doubt, the internet is here to stay. So, we may as well embrace it.


There were about 40 people in the room and the first speaker asked us all to stand up. Shout out our name and the name of our business. All at the same time. As you can imagine, it was just a lot of noise and no one could be heard. However, it did demonstrate really well, how marketing your business can feel.


As well as learning a lot, about the different ways to get your message out to your audience. It really highlighted a point, that I have talked about before. There is no one magic thing, that will get your message out to all of your clients and prospects. Not email, social media, trade shows or promotional products. As, not all your clients are on Twitter, Facebook or, at the trade show, you are attending.


This is why the best option, is to use different channels. So, you can appear wherever they look. The appearance that you are everywhere, is not only a great way to get your message to your clients. It is also a great way to keep reminding, the same people of your message. Just in a different way. Imagine if you saw the same message, shown in the same way, time and time again. It would soon become a little boring. However, if you see a similar message on Facebook, in an email, and on a promotional product, it allows you to confirm the message, in an interesting way.


Now your message needs to be really clear. What is it you are selling and who you are selling it to. If you look at the way Lidl and Waitrose, market to their customers, you can see even though they are selling the same products. They are marketed in a very different way, as their audiences are quite different. Lidl is all about price and Waitrose is about the experience.


By having different options, for different people. You can appeal to people, who are at different stages of the buying cycle. Some will just be at the awareness stage. They are browsing and just want a quick look, at what you do. To see if you are worth spending any more time on. This is the ideal time to give them a hook, which will make them curious, to find out more.


Some will be at the interest stage, they have had a quick browse and are looking to find out a little more. They are still curious but, could go either way. They want a bit more information but, are not ready to have anything, which will take up too much of their time. This is a perfect time, to tell them about a short benefit of using your product or service.


Others will be at the desire stage. They are keen to know more. They will also want to know, how the product or service, has worked for others. So, this is the perfect time to share testimonials and case studies. Just think about when you are looking to buy something from Amazon. You probably look at the reviews. You want to know how the experience has been for others, have they been delighted or wished they had never made the purchase, in the first place.


Some may be at the action stage. They have seen enough and would like to proceed and buy your products or service. This is also the point, when you may need to let them know answers to your FAQ.  To reassure them, that they should go ahead with the purchase. At this point a firmer call to action, like buy now or call to buy, will be suitable.


The next and final stage is engagement. Where you need to keep in touch and keep them engaged, in the business. There has probably been communication backwards and forwards before, the sale has been completed. So, don't allow the tumbleweed moments to happen.


This is the perfect time to send a gift, to say thank you and keep the engagement levels high. This is where promotional products are perfect. You can have a constant reminder, about your great service on their desk. To keep you in the forefront of their mind, until they are ready to buy again.


So, there are many options to get your message, to your clients and prospects. These are articles, blogs, white papers, videos, Facebook Lives, podcast, face to face at networking meetings, speaking events, email, direct mail, promotional products or trade shows. By far the best option is to use multiple channels, which will be most effective. 


If you are thinking you would like to use good quality promotional products or if you have a few questions, just get in touch for a bit of advice.




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