How Can Small Questions, Make a Huge Difference?

Would you like olives, while you wait for your order?


 This is heard by every customer at our local pub. You see, they have cross-selling off to a tee.


You may think adding few olives to a few people’s orders, will not make a huge difference. The owner who is a friend of mine, says about 40% of people will have olives. This adds about £120 to his taking each day, £840 per week!. All from one simple question. 


They do not stop at the olives. The waitress will then ask if, they would like any extras with their main course. A dessert wine to go with dessert and a liqueur with their coffee.


All are perfectly good questions to ask and something all the waitresses do naturally. They are not just asking the customers to purchase more, to make money. These are things that will enhance the meal and make it a better experience.


You see it has already been established that the customer is hungry. It just offers customers the opportunity to make an additional purchase that, they may not have thought of. Over half of the customers will add something extra, so it is well worth asking the question.


The pub has established, that cross-selling is a great way to increase their sales. It is done for the correct reasons, to improve or enhance their purchase, so is seen by the customer as helpful and not annoying and money grabbing. The questions are asked when the customer has already decided to make a purchase. They are already in buying mode.


Would you like fries with that? Is something that McDonald's, never forgets to ask and it has been working for them for years. They cross-sell with every customer and many take them up on their offer. The ones that don’t want it, just simply say no. It’s no big deal.


Another way of cross-selling is to add a gift, which has your logo or message on it. For a small additional purchase or when you spend a certain amount. This is where you can use promotional products. The gift is combined with another item. The customer gets a gift with their purchase for a small charge and in return, they will show off your brand.


Many companies do this well, one of which is Clinique. When a customer makes a purchase worth a certain amount, they will receive a free gift. Such as a makeup bag with Cliniques logo on. The customer gets a small reward for spending the money and every time someone sees the makeup bag, Clinique gets to show off their brand.


Is this something you can do in your business? Is there one question you can ask each customer? It may be just a small thing, which can add a huge difference.


If you this is something you would like to do, but you would like some ideas, just get in touch.


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