How Important Is Your Customers Journey?

You have probably had good and bad experiences, as a customer. 

Sometimes it can be an absolute breeze. Other times the road is so bumpy, you have to get off and take another route, as you know this road will lead to heartache. 

Sometimes, sadly your journey turns into the stuff of nightmares, but you are too far along to turn back. You have to keep going. No matter how long it takes. Safe in the knowledge, that you will never retake this journey, as nothing is worth the pain. 

The customer journey is far more critical to a business now than ever before.

As consumers, we have so much choice. We can search on the internet from the comfort of our sofas and see a vast range of businesses all with the same or similar products. Some who are ordinary, some of which are remarkable. 

But what makes the difference between an ordinary business and a remarkable one? 

Well, it's all about the customer journey. If, you compare two businesses, both with the same products. The difference will be measured by, how easy is it for the customer. How the customer journey makes them feel. 

So how do you know what kind of journey your customer has?

The ideal place to start is to look at the business from your customers point of view.

To walk in their shoes and look at what they may find confusing or unclear. They want to feel safe throughout the process so that any uncertainty will see the moving on quicker than a turkey at a Christmas party. 

You may think their journey starts when they decide to buy your service or products. When in fact it may have started a long time before. With many moments leading up to their decision to make the purchase. 

Your efforts will be judged, on your weakest moment. A negative experience at any point may lead to a customer going elsewhere. 

So how can you improve your customer journey?

To do this, you need to fully understand the whole experience; your customers go through.

From the point that they initially notice your existence. Through all of your marketing messages, to the sale and after-sales service. Though to the experience of buying from you repeatedly.

This part of the journey is sometimes very different. You have probably had a great experience as a new shiny customer.

The business cannot do enough for you, but then after a while, it feels a little like you have blended into the wallpaper and the repeat business experience becomes entirely different. 

By identifying the customer touch points and mapping them, you can understand the critical moments that your customer engages with your business or brand.

Enabling you to learn from them, and make improvements in ensuring the best experience possible. This will in time will stop the churn of customers and allow the business to grow. 

There is no single right way to create the customer journey, as all businesses are different, as are your clients and prospects.  

However what is essential is to exceed your customer’s needs and expectations time and time again. Which, will be a win for you both.

I’m starting a series of blog posts on the customer journey and would love to hear any questions you have. 

What’s your biggest challenge with your customer journey?

Comment below. 


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