How to Avoid The 5 Most Common Problems of Managing Your Promotional Products

It is normally quite easy to solve the most common problems of managing Promotional Products, but they often do not become obvious until it is too late. Which can make the difference between a successful campaign and one that has as much impact a gnat's fart.


1. Products which are poor quality

When giving a gift whatever it costs you don’t usually want it to look cheap. Well, the same goes for promotional products. If you give away something that is of poor quality, what does that say about the business? We are happy with the poor quality and all you are worth to us is this poor-quality gift with our brand on. Probably not the impression you are aiming for!


You want to make a lasting impression. So, make sure it is a good one. Ask for a sample of the products you are looking to order. Make sure the quality of what you are buying is good. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you need a large budget, it just means you need to look for a quality item. If it’s a pen you are buying, does it write nicely? Does it look like it will last for a while? All simple things, which make a big difference.


2. Products which do not fit the business or customer.

Products which don’t reflect the business and the message, just end up confusing your audience and will not make a lasting impression.  Life is busy enough as it is, so your audience will not have time to try and work out what you are trying to say and achieve. They will just forget about it and move onto something else. For example, if you are a dental practice you would not want to give out lollies or sweets as they are not good for your teeth, but sugar-free mints or toothpaste would be great.


Now how your audience reacts to your promotional product is the most important thing. You want the investment you have made in the products, to be a great use of your budget. Look at the products and think about whether you would like to receive them. If you wouldn’t be pleased to receive them, the chances are, neither would they. So, if this is the case you may need to have a rethink.


3. Leaving it all too late

It can be hard to remember everything. But placing the order too late will limit the kind of products which can be produced. It may also add to higher costs, as a rush charge may be added to the bill, which may reduce the budget you have available for each product. By not leaving enough time to research products you may end up ordering something, which will not have the desired impact and end up wasting money.


Thinking ahead will give you enough time to ensure your supplier or you have enough time to look at the type of promotional products that are available. So that you do not have to choose the first thing you come across. Making the whole process a lot less stressful and expensive in the long run. If you have a good supplier, they will do all the research for you. So, it will just be a matter of explaining the brief and looking at the products.


4. Choosing the wrong branding or decoration.

Having the wrong message or no message can leave the campaign a little lackluster. It all goes back to knowing who you are giving the gift to and what is the objective of the campaign. If people do not know clearly what they are supposed to do, they will not do anything.


It is important to think carefully about the message you want to give to your audience. You could just choose to use your logo, but it may be better to add a message, website or a call to action. Making sure it is very clear and only have one call to action to avoid confusion. If people have too many options and choices to make they will end up not doing anything at all.


Think about the message you would like to get across. Do you want them to get in touch with you? If so you would be best to add your website address. If you would like them to call you, then add a company name/ logo and a telephone number.


The size of the message may also determine the kind of product you choose. As if the message is a few words a small product will be fine, but for a longer message, a larger product with a larger print area or a gift tag may be best.


5. Follow up

Often following up with people who have received promotional products, gets forgotten. Whilst it may not always be possible if you have given out a huge number of gifts. For smaller numbers, this can make a big difference to the effectiveness of a campaign.  If you do not follow up, you are missing an opportunity to connect. So not maximizing your chances to make the most of the products you have given out.


The action that you are going to take after the products have been received, should be planned before they are sent out. Making sure time is allocated in the diary a few days after as if it is left too long, the momentum will be lost.


By just putting in a bit of extra time and effort at the start when choosing promotional products will make a huge difference to the success of your campaign. By leaving enough time for the selection and production of the products and creating the message, you can ensure you have products which fit your audience and will make the right lasting impression. Think carefully about what you would like to achieve from the campaign. Who you would like to appeal to and what your audience like. How will they fit in with the service or product you supply? How are the products relevant?  By following these simple steps, you will create a campaign which will be far more effective and a lot less stressful.


Give it a try and let us know how you get on, it isn’t something that will cost you a fortune if you use a bit of imagination. Or if you need some help just get in touch.


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