How To Create A Lumpy Mail Campaign

Lumpy mail comes in many shapes and sizes, but as the name would suggest, it is a letter with something bulky inside, often a promotional product. The unknown item creates interest and is difficult to ignore. 

The whole point of it is to get your business noticed and remembered. Which is the point behind any marketing campaign and to encourage your target audience to explore further. 

Lumpy mail takes advantage, in the nicest possible way, of human curiosity and is very difficult to ignore. So the package is very lightly to be opened. Then as long as the gift catches their attention, the interest to keep looking will continue.  You then need to have a compelling reason for them to either take your call or to get in touch. 

So how do you create a lumpy mail campaign?

  1. First of all, you need to think about who you are going to contact. What will appeal to them and what is your budget? 
  2. Check the cost of posting your gift. As some can be posted as a letter, some a large letter and some will need to be sent as a small parcel. If you do not check this first, it can end up doubling the cost of the campaign.
  3. You also need to decide what you are looking to achieve from the campaign. Do you want them to take your call, to visit a landing page, book an appointment with you or sign up for something?
  4. Plan how you are going to follow up and who is going to do this. 
  5. Create a letter, information sheet or flyer with a clear message and call to action. You can even include a flyer and a handwritten note to add a personal touch
  6. A handwritten address is always more lightly to be opened than a typed address, as it will add more intrigue. 
  7. Depending on how many letters you are sending, you may need to send the letters out in batches. To ensure you can follow up with each letter a few days after the letter has been delivered. 
  8. Book the time in the diary to follow up, as if you don't it will be a huge opportunity missed. 
  9. It is also best to plan the day your letters will be delivered. Mondays and Friday are best avoided as people are either getting ready for the weekend or getting back to work over the weekend. 

So what kind of things are good to send? Some of the products we use ourselves are mints, lip balm and sweets. 

If you would like any help with planning your next campaign, or you would like us to plan your next campaign for you, give me a call.

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