How To Get Your Promotional Products To Hit The Target.

Sometimes sadly promotional products don’t work.

Most of the time there is a good reason why.

Often it is because the target audience has not been taken into consideration.

I mean have you ever received a promotional product and just thought, why on earth have they given me this!

It happened to me about a month ago. At the end of an event day, I was given a goody bag. In the goody bag, (sadly not everything was good) I received a branded pen and note pad, both useful, some branded sweets which were good for the journey home and a branded lanyard!

Now I have no need or want for a lanyard. I wasn’t even given a badge to wear with it, as it was the end of the day, just the lanyard.

Don’t get me wrong, lanyards can be a great promotional product when you need to use them. Either in your place of work if you have an identity card or if you are at an event and have a badge to wear. As they make life easy and are useful.

However, in both situations, you are normally issued with a lanyard and not expected to bring your own. It is not likely that someone will wear your branded lanyard just for the sake of it.

Another example is from a while ago when the fidget spinner was the thing to have.

Do you remember those?

Now when you give a fidget spinner to an adult, they will probably just give it to their child or one that they know. Which from a branding perspective is not very useful to you at all, as presumably, it is the adult’s attention which was the target.

So before choosing any promotional product, look at your target audience and if you are not sure who they are, it is a good idea to take a little time to do some research and find out.

As it will not only help you to increase the ROI for the products given out, but it will also help you to increase the return on experience for the promotional products too.

If you need any help with ideas for promotional products that will fit with your target audience, reply to this email and we will be in touch shortly.

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