How to use events to market your business

Using Events throughout the year such as Easter to market a business is something that is underutilised, but can have a massive impact if used thoughtfully.

There are around 12 weeks left until the summer holidays. When everyone seems to go on holiday and those who are left are enjoying the sun too much, to buy anything apart from sunscreen and ice creams, or raincoats if we have a typical British summer.

Therefore, unless you are in the ice cream business, now is time to push your marketing, if you want to make the most of the next 12 weeks and grow your business.

You are probably thinking 12 weeks……that’s ages.

Well, as we all know time flies (I mean we are in April already!).

As we all know it also can take time for decisions to be made. So, getting started now will means everything is completed before the holidays start. Often people get into holiday mode early and put everything on hold, in the mad rush to get everything done, so that they can actually go on holiday!

The question is, how should you be marketing your business?

Should it be social media, blogging, email, promotional products?

Well, of course, it needs to be where your audience hangs out and being in many places where they will see you, allows you to have a greater presence.

Cementing your message in your client’s and prospect’s minds. A bit like when you think of flat pack furniture, and most people think IKEA. As we have seen their ads many times and probably spent at least a day trapped in there!

It has probably happened to you with people in your network. You hear the word social media and you instantly think of ………….

It is unlikely that the person you think of only does one kind of marketing, otherwise you probably wouldn’t remember them. They may go networking, be active on social media and speak at events etc. That is why you remember them so well.

The effective frequency of a message is the number of times a brand must be exposed to a prospect before you get the required response. Using events such as Easter or spring gives you another reason to get in touch and put your message in front of your prospect to remind them you are around.

Being at the forefront of your prospect’s minds will not only mean they will know who to contact when they need your services. You will also be at the forefront of their mind when they are asked a question like, “Do you know someone who does ………… (fill in the gap with what you do)?”

This will help with referrals, as most people like to be helpful and to recommend to others when they can.

So, what can you do to utilise the events like Easter and spring?

Here a list of a few ideas for clients and prospects.

• Wish people a happy Easter holiday with a card or email.

• Let people know your Easter opening times by email and add a blog link that will be relevant and helpful to them.

• Send them an Easter gift. Making sure it is branded for maximum marketing impact. A mug filled with Easter eggs is perfect as you get to eat the eggs and keep the mug.

• Use an Easter or spring theme for posting on social media.

• Write a blog with an Easter theme which ties in with your business and emails it to your list.

• Drop in and give them an Easter gift.

Using events throughout the year to promote your business, like Easter and spring are a great way to stand out. As they are still very underutilised by business. They both give you reasons to get in touch and remind people you are around.

As customers now favour customer experience over brand loyalty just showing you care can go a long way in making you stand out.

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Desktop gardens and Easter eggs

Desktop gardens and Easter eggs