Is it all about the Birds......Not The Bees!

Last week was National Bird Day on the 5th Jan. Which got me thinking about a program I saw recently about robins and how territorial they are. They use a lot of energy and time worrying about what other robins are up to. It leaves the robin exhausted. 


Now you are probably thinking, how does this apply to business.  Well stick with it, I am about to tell you. 


You are probably in business to sell things like I am. I know there are other reasons as well, but selling things to make money is the crux of it. Whether it is a product or a service and it can be quite easy to get into the habit of worrying what your competitors are up to. How much they are charging, what they are supplying, what they are writing about. Instead of doing your own thing and concentrating on what you are doing. 


But maybe instead of looking at what others are up to, your time would be far better spent making sure your own offering is the best it can be and showing clients and prospects why you are different. 


Around 68% of businesses lose business because of indifference. Not because they did a bad job but just because they were no different from the next. 


So what can you do differently?


Can you keep in touch with them more, so they remember you?


Can you let them know you care and value them?


Here are five ideas which may help you:

  1. Email your client and send them an article that they will find useful.
  2. Keep in touch by using social media and comment on their posts, that you find interesting or relevant. 
  3. Send them a small gift in the post with a personalised note. 
  4. Pick up the phone and give them a call, just to see how things are. 
  5. Show your gratitude after a sale with a note or an email to say thank you for the business, we do not take you for granted. 


Whichever options you choose. As long as you are consistent, it is probably far more than your competitors are doing. Whilst some people will always go for the cheapest price, there are many more who will stay with you, as you stand out from the crowd. 


So you see it is far better not to be like the robin, but to just get on with your own stuff like the bee!


If you have any questions or you would like some help, just get in touch.

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