Is it more about the quality or the quantity?

Have you ever bought promotional products for your business? How did it go? Did you get the reaction you wanted or did you cheapen your brand? I hope they worked well, as I know they can. Sadly this is not always the case. 


It can be easy to dismiss the value of a promotional product and just think that something cheap and cheerful will do. It doesn't really matter. Well, they are only representing your business after all, so how important can it be. The logo you have deliberated over for many hours, a brand you have built over years. So maybe it is worth the risk?


Let's look at what you are saying to your prospect, as you hand them over the cheap and cheerful gift, emblazoned with your logo. In my opinion, you are saying something along the lines of - your business is really important to us, it is worth the value of at least 30p! 


This was probably not the impression you are looking to achieve, but never the less this may be the one that has been given to your new prospect. Often you only have one chance to make a first impression. Whether you are meeting someone face to face at a trade show or in a meeting or when sending a gift by direct mail.


People will form their opinions on your business from the gift they have in their hands. A quality gift will show you are a quality business, who thinks that they are a quality prospect. A gift which is poor quality will just end up in the bin. Which is a just waste of money and may cost you dearly in the long run. So, either give a quality gift or it is probably best to give nothing at all.  When I say a quality gift, it does not have to cost a fortune, but should be well made and not look like it cost 30p. 


As 66% of people said they could remember the brand of a promotional product they had received, it is important to give your clients happy memories when they see your logo. This is much better than them remembering your logo as they launch it swiftly into the bin, as soon as they found one.


The quality of the products we put your logo on to is very important to us. As our reputation is built on the products we supply, this is something we do not want to risk, it is too important to us. We would rather not do the work than provide a promotional product, which we are embarrassed about.


We don't have the cheapest products, but what we give our customers is, the peace of mind that their order is in safe hands. With someone who has the experience if working with their trusted suppliers and knows what to look out for when placing orders. 


A recent survey showed that 81% of people had at least 2 promotional products on their desk. So if you need to make sure yours is one of them. Here are a few tips to help you:


  • Get a sample of the products, if you have not seen it before. Do this before you place your order to check the quality.
  • Put quality before quantity, Choose fewer, better quality products.
  • Think about what is the best information to add to the product.
  • Think about what will appeal to your clients.


If you need any more help or a bit of free advice, just get in touch. 


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