Is it Time For Marketing to Go With Tradition?

Do you always think new is best?


That we should not go back to older more traditional ways?


Well for many things I would agree. I wouldn’t want to go back to not having electricity or running water. But with marketing, I think there may be some exceptions to the rule and by embracing only the new ways you may be missing out.


If we take the more traditional types of marketing options like TV, radio, leaflets, billboards and promotional products. They may not be as new as Facebook and Twitter, but do not die out for a reason, that they still have relevance.  


For instance the newspaper and magazines. They could be viewed online by all of those who have the technology and whilst some people do read everything online now and the amount going to print has gone down, they still remain popular. There is a certain comfort in being able to hold the paper or magazine in hand and to turn the pages. Maybe as its something different, as we spend many hours staring at screens. This may depend on your audience, but even the tech-savvy millennials like a change from the screens now and again.  


I am not saying that you need to forget about the internet and not get in touch with clients and prospects through social media. But have a look at the other options which are available and use them too.


As many things are delivered by email now and the postman’s load is a lot lighter, sending a leaflet or a mail out can make a great change and is a great way to get a message across to a particular audience or target area. A BPMA study found that 83% of consumers actually liked to receive a promotional product and 85% of those people will go on to do business with a business they had received a promotional product from. With many of them keeping the product for over 6 months. So by adding a promotional product to your mail can give even greater success.


You can even combine promotional products with your social media and bring together the old and the new which often leads to great success as your message will stay around for longer and encourage a greater interaction with people which will give you a greater opportunity to connect with them and start to build a relationship. Which really what it is all about.


So by embracing the new and the old, you will have more ways to get in touch and greater opportunity to make connections. It really does not need to be one or the other. People just don’t want to be bombarded with advertising and marketing no matter where it is coming from. They are now looking for a more personalised form of communication. To feel that they are appreciated and understood. So whatever form of marketing you are using, let it help you to get to know your clients better and to nurture the relationship.


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Rebecca Harrison