Is The Hotel California a Great Business Model?

Have you heard the song Hotel California by the Eagles?

It always reminds me of summer. My partner, John,  lived in California for a few years and says it was always sunny. So that's how I imagine it. 

Anyway, there are many great lines in it. My favourite has to be " You can check out, but you can never leave". Which if you think about it, would make business a lot easier. But may not lead to great customer service! Or happy customers. I think even the Hotel California would lose its charm after a while.

So what are we left with? How can we encourage people to stay of their own free will?

Here are a few options:

  • Be the cheapest. This is often a dangerous game for a small business to play and often ends up with a race to the bottom. Which is far more suited to large businesses. Even Tesco has struggled with this. 
  • Have exceptional customer service and great products. 
  • Wowing clients and doing a little extra. Which will mean most of them will not even bother looking elsewhere. As they are so happy with what they have. 
  • Have an incentive program. 
  • Rewarding clients with promotional products, (if they are carefully chosen). Can be an effectively way to reward customers loyalty. As people are far more lightly to stay when there loyalty is rewarded. We all like to feel appreciated. 

Many business use incentive and reward schemes, such as Costa Coffee. They reward loyalty with points, which can be used to buy things from their coffee shops. One of the reason it works, is that it's simple to use and understand. 

Other options are:

  • Rewarding people after they have made a certain number of purchases
  • Offering a trail product at a free or reduced rate
  • A competition which you are entered into, when you make a purchase or a number of purchases. Depending on the value. 
  • Sending relevant blogs and articles, which are useful to your client throughout the year
  • Sending a gift at important times, such as birthdays, Christmas or significant times in their life. Which you will probably become aware of if you follow them on social media. 

If choosing a promotional product, you should pick something, that people will find useful and want to keep. The product should also look like a quality item. Though doesn't need to actually be too expensive. 

Products that we offer include Branded Mugs or Thank you boxes. They give a great branding area to keep your brand in front of your client. Which if used correctly will allow you to stay front of mind and encourage repeat business. 

Ensuring that your clients will not want to check, out or leave!

If you would like help with promotional products for your business marketing or would like to find out how you may be able to use them, get in touch.


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