It's just A Mugs Tale.....

It’s Monday again!

I am up early and off we go, back to the working week.

I always get a tinge of excitement, as we turn the corner and see the coffee shop in front of us. In we go, and I am out into the dazzling light, for all to see. I can see the kind barista who greets me every morning with a smile and all the regular customers.

We wait in the queue; the café is always busy and has a lively excitable hum to it, as the world slowly wakes from its weekend slumber. At last, it’s our turn. I have a sudden warm glow then all too quickly, we are out into the morning chill and off we go again.

Heading to the office, we pass person after person, until we arrive at the pink door and in we go.

In the office, I sit proudly on the desk, in full view of everyone. This happens most days. I lose count of the number of faces I see and who see me every day.

At coffee time, I am off again. It turns out to be a busy day, well a busy week actually. The kettle is nearly as busy as me. Sometimes its tea, but mostly coffee.

It all happened about 6 months ago. There were thousands of us in the factory, 100 of us were picked out, went through a machine and were printed. We were then given out as gifts.

We made lots of people smile. I still don’t even know what Cube Logistics mean, but that is what it says on my front. But I guess this is just the life of a promotional travel mug.

Apparently, people have just realised that disposable, is not very good for the environment. So it looks like we may be the way forward.

How do you get your brand in front of your clients, to remind them to get in touch, when they need you? 

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